Geek Craft – TNG Uniforms

I made TNG uniforms for our show!

The Dandies

A few months ago, I had a great idea for creating really easy TNG-inspired uniforms for our show. Dale finally gave me the go-ahead a few weeks ago for our Atomic Lollipop show and I made them up in a few days, including drafting the pattern.

How did I make these?

For Captain Field, I took a long-sleeved stretchy shirt and made a pattern from that, which I then hacked into the colour blocking you see. The real TNG uniforms have a zipper up the side, because they are made from poly with little stretch. I can only imagine how much hotter the cast would have been in those. Pro tip, remember to add seam allowance, because I forgot in my excitement. Luckily, that oversight was easily remedied with rectangular blocks in the side seams and the sleeves.

20140728_132354 Pattern pieces for Cpt. Field’s uniform

It was a really easy garment…

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Geek Craft Sunday – Promenade Preview for July

Check out some more geeky crafts I’ve been making. 🙂

The Dandies

Our promenade kicked off on our show on Wednesday and it was a great start with lots of interest in the artists’ works. My plan was to include merch on the table, but due to glue issues and lack of time I didn’t get a chance to put anything Andie-made on the table. Although, we did a guess the number of tribbles game with the portable tribble containment unit and lucky Devon from Copy Red Leader made the guess of 24! Can you believe those 2 tribbles reproduced into 24 tribbles in this thing?


Devon won 4 tribbles, which likely means that by now he has 628. Sorry Devin.

Other than having my tribbles for sale at the Promenade, I will also be selling some Star Trek-inspired jewelry that is based on our comm badge design.

Check it out:

They are made of polymer clay and nickle-free metal jewelry findings…

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Geek Craft Sunday – Portable Tribble Containment Unit

Tribble containment unit to keep those tribbles from reproducing

The Dandies

Foam core board is a great thing for creating props and you can buy it at the dollar store.

So I said to myself: “Self, what can I make with this?”
And my self answered: “I could make a portable tribble containment unit, but I need some flexible plexiglass.”
So I said to myself: “Good thinking! You brilliant half-Q.”

And then I stopped talking to myself in the dollar store and bought the foam core boards.

wpid-20140525_145836.jpg Be Prepared!

I bought some flexible plexiglass and assembled my materials.
Then I took a nap. Naps are really important in crafting. Take lots.

When I woke up, I started making the portable tribble containment unit.

And there you have it: flexible plexiglass, packing tape, foam core board, duct tape, and electric tape. Portable tribble containment unit with removable lid: geek craft level 10.

Of course, I had to test it out. I put…

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