Top 5 Highlights


The lovely Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow is hosting the Top 5 for the third year in a row. The categories range from Hits, Misses, Highlights, Reflections, to Goals. I want to make an entry on each one. Although, I will group Hits and Misses together and likely Reflections and Goals.

Top 5 Highlights asks you to go over non-sewing highlights of your year. I don’t mind if you skip past some of this, but I think it is worth it to list these out.

Trigger Warning: There is lots of schmoopiness in this post. It’s the schmoopiest. Also, gifs. Tons of schmoopy/silly gifs.

1. Realizing how resilient I am. This is a pretty recent re-discovery of myself as I struggle with health issues and pain associated with fibromyalgia. I always manage to smile or laugh. Although on bad days I’m not as positive, but I am always hopeful of the future. I can always look on the bright side of life.



2. Being interviewed by Morgan Hoffman of InnerSpace. It just happened, but it was awesome.


3. Rediscovering my passion for sewing. I know these highlights are supposed to be about non-sewing things, but this is a huge thing for me. I started sewing in 2008 and have felt like a beginner sewist since then until now! Since I started sewing again in April, I have noticed my sewing skills skyrocket. Before I wouldn’t have confidently tackled making a coat or a bra, but now I soldier on and am impressed with my ever-growing skills. I’m always happy when I sew.


4. My family. There are always highlights with my lovely little family. My fiance and my two step-kids are wonderful people and I always find more and more reasons why I love them throughout the year. I love giggling with them and being silly and having serious conversations. I can’t wait to marry my fiance. I never grew up with dreams of my wedding day (I thought more about books and art), but I honestly can’t wait to express that love in front of everyone. 🙂


5. You! I love when people comment on my silly blog entries and engage in conversations with me. I appreciate all of you and the highlight of the year has been virtually meeting all sorts of lovely sewists through social media and blogging. You are just wonderful people.