Shameless Self-promotion

I entered my GoldMoneta into the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month: Dresses June 1-7 competition.

Now comes the shameless self-promotion.

PLEAASE PLEAAASE Vote for me? Pretty please?


I am “Indie Pattern Month – Andie L in GoldMoneta.”

It’s 50% vote and 50% jury decision. 🙂

Winners get all sorts of indie patterns, which means more in my pattern stash and more blogging about it all.

Even if you don’t vote for me, check out the page. There are tons of other great makes and you can check out all sorts of bloggers you haven’t come across before. The Monthly Stitch is awesome. It makes me happy to be a part of such a great and supportive community.

Indie Pattern Month

Indie Pattern Month starts in June and you know what? I’m going to do it, because it’s a month away, which gives me time to plan and start sewing, and because I have acquired quite a few indie patterns lately (Colette’s Moneta, Cake Pattern’s Espresso Leggings, and Pattern Anthology’s Just Add Jeans Collection, which I think counts even though it’s not on the list of Indie designers?). I just ordered Sewaholic’s Cambie dress that I’ve been eyeing for a really long time. I will have to do an FBA for it, but I am excited. I’ve been wanting that dress for a really long time, because it’s 99.9% the style I love to wear. I would prefer every dress I own to have a sweetheart neckline. It’d be perfect if it had puffed sleeves.


I only really mentioned puffed sleeves to use this picture again.

I also really like the Anna Dress from By Hand London. It’s been on my wishlist for a while, too, but I think I should wait for that. My tendency is to buy tons of patterns and fabric and look at them. I am not allowed to by the Anna Dress pattern until I pump out at least five dresses. I’m definitely not allowed to buy fabric until my stash is depleted a little more.


Must. Be. Good.

But I digress.

Indie Pattern Month is great. There weekly challenges:

Week 1: Dresses (I wear those!)

Week 2: New-to-Me (All of these patterns are new to me!)

Week 3: FRANKEN-INDIE (I said that in a loud German accent with muppet arms!)

Week 4: Indie Fan-Girl LEVEL: ULTIMATE (Cue Streetfighter theme!)

AND THERE ARE PRIZES!!!!!!!!! /muppet arms!


So, yeah, I have a month to get my shhhh…tuff together (censored for da little ones).

I’m not sure that I will do all of those challenges, but I will definitely do one of them. 🙂