New Sewing Space

Today I am sharing pictures of my nice new sewing space.

I had a basement room all to myself previously. This is what it looked like before I started packing stuff up:


I definitely craved more organization and having my stash in the large purple and pink suitcases was clunky for browsing through fabric for new projects. Without seeing it and seeing how much I had to work with, I would buy a lot more fabric and have no clue that there was likely a great fabric that worked in my stash. I also had my patterns everywhere in the room and not very well organized either.

I craved natural light. I really missed it when I was sewing away in the winter. There are precious few hours of sunlight and often I would sew after work and then go upstairs into the dark to prepare dinner. I made the space work, but it wasn’t perfect for me.

In the Spring, we had a few leaks in the room from rain and snow melting that left the place smelling musty and horrible. The carpet needs replacing. We used to have our bedroom in here and one of the reasons we moved into the Master bedroom (other than no longer having a roommate) was because of the leaks in the basement room. Once the carpet is replaced, we’re repurposing the room and I won’t be moving my sewing back down there.

My new sewing space is the other half of our bedroom and I love it so very much! There is still some minor organization left to do, but I’ve been sewing in it now so let me take you on a tour.

The cabinet that now houses my fabric and sewing notions:


Behind the doors is my fabric stash:


Heavier weight wovens are on the top, knits in the middle, and lighter weight wovens on the bottom.

In the drawers are sewing notions and some fabric. I need a little more organization in these, but they are okay for now:


The top drawer has zippers, buttons, velcro, and elastics and some suede that I bought on sale locally.


The middle drawer has tons of bra making supplies: laces, duoplex, elastics, underwires, stretch mesh, power mesh, rings and sliders, little bows and flowers for embellishments, and many other things. I also decorated the cabinet with washi tape that has pins and safety pins on it. It was a prize from Jenny. 🙂


The bottom drawer holds satins, silks, crepes, linings, and many other more delicate fabrics.

On top of the cabinet is my knitting WIP and my pattern sash (yes, that is still the cardigan I was going to make for the Outfit Along….haha!):


The blue container holds my printed pdf patterns, which are still in the process of being organized, and the red holds my paper patterns organized by pattern company and then into categories (dresses, coats/jackets, separates, costumes, etc.).

DSC_1321 DSC_1320

On the side of the cabinet, I stuck a couple of hooks for my measuring tapes.


Do you have this many measuring tapes? I always feel like I need a bunch of them hanging around. They usually end up all over the room and I always want one accessible.

Beside the cabinet above my dresser are a couple of containers with craft supplies (felt, ribbons, polymer clay, and jewelry making supplies), along with my WIP basket (on the left) and my “to-be cut” basket (on the right..overflowing because of a huge project I am working on right now).


On the other side of my stash cabinet, my cutting and work table sits. Right now, it is a folding table, but I definitely want a proper table one day that can adjust to counter height and has locking rollers on the feet so I can move it about as needed. I would also like it to be slightly shorter in length.


Unfortunately, the folding table is a little warped in the middle from years of pressing on the table top ironing board there; I’d stop doing it, but it can’t get much worse that it is. Plan is to also get a proper full sized ironing board and have it folded away beside my dresser when I am not using it, since there is a perfect space in that corner.

Under the table is my exercise ball and a rogue box of unorganized pdfs that I will get to after I finish a ton of Star Trek uniforms for my improv show, Holodeck Follies. You can see a few in progress on the top of the table there along with two that are all cut up and I put together just last night.

Behind the cutting/work table are a couple of DIY pictures that I put together using fabric scraps, dollar store frames, and a few feathers. I really love the look and it makes the wall a little more interesting. My husband said he likes them, too! Win!

DSC_1325 DSC_1324

Finally, here is my sewing space with my sewing machines!


Right in front of the window with natural light pouring over me as I sew. I eventually want to make covers for both of the machines to keep dust off of them and increase the neat and tidy feeling of the room.

I organized the messiest drawer in the desk:


I used clear plastic dollar store organizers and am really pleased with the look. The other drawers are just thread, rulers, instruction manuals, and interfacing:




Beside the desk on the right is my little dry erase board to make notes about stitch lengths and measurements and notes on works in progress:


I do so many adjustments that it helps to see all my measurements on the board and to adjust as my body changes. I can never remember the perfect bar tack stitch length for my machine. Having it up there has saved me sew many times.

To the right of the desk is a little wire cart:


I eventually want to have more clear containers in that area with lids for some more organization. The caddy currently holds my several kinds of tape, ironing supplies, pens/pencils/markers, and the electric wires for everything in the area. Kind of messy, but I will figure out better ways of dealing with these things.

Here is the other half of the bedroom:


Beside my desk on top of the small bookcase is my very small stack of sewing books and my ipod for my sewing playlist.


Above the bed, I made a heart with LED fairy lights. It’s just wound around some push pins. Above the heart is a little wooden plaque that says, “Love is spoken here.” ❤

The tall bookcase usually holds family pictures, but I took them off for the picture for privacy. My Harry Potter series gets top billing at the very top of the shelf. 😉

The body pillow cover was made by me and is inspired by the Star Trek TNG uniform. I will add a Communicator badge to it one day, but for now I love it. It’s made with black t-shirt material and burgundy fleece.


This is between the door and the closet. I finally brought this painting and the red one above the small bookcase up from our previous basement room. I love both of them. My husband has a nice art collection and great taste (especially in women…ha!).

We also did some reorganization of the closet and packed a few things into plastic bags due to a moth issue:


I’ve also put my yarn stash in a plastic bin and finally have my fabric scraps in two plastic bins in the closet. They are pretty full! Surprising how many scraps you acquire from sewing for a few years.


I have the fabric scraps organized by knit and woven. Eventually, I want to go through them and get rid of a lot of the tiny pieces and cut bigger pieces into rectangles or squares or triangles and organize them by fabric type and complimentary colours/prints to make scrap quilts one day. But that’s a pipe dream really, because I much prefer garment sewing! I do think pulling out the bigger scraps for using as accents on projects will happen, though. A nice little tiny pocket here or button tab there in a contrast colour is more in my interest. Although, I love the idea of a knit fabric quilt. I see that getting done a lot sooner than anything else.

I really love the new space. Smaller, but far more functional. It’s a lot easier for me to see what I have and be able to use it effectively. I can easily work on my projects without having to search the room for what I need. I got really disorganized in the other room. I am hoping that won’t happen with this one since I am starting in a much more organized space.

Of course, the whole thing helps me realize that I should not be buying fabric anytime soon and should be on a fabric and pattern buying fast….

Yeah… Like THAT is going to happen…. 😉


The Wedding Dress, pt. 3: The Reveal and the Day

When I was growing up, I never had an idea in my head of a wedding. I never had it in my head that I would get married at all. If my Barbies or dolls got married, it was usually a lesbian wedding and involved unicorns and dragons. It usually ended in complete destruction of the world I had set up, because fairy tale weddings always had the bride carried away by a dragon, right?

I’m happy to report that my actual wedding had no such conclusion. It was perfect.

I already revealed the dress, because I was too excited to hold back the dress for me to write a post. Instagram was also filled with pictures of our wedding. A lot of our wedding was DIY and I wanted to go over a few more details from the week leading up and the day and then tell you about our awesome minimoon in Niagara Falls.

Decorations for the wedding reception were created by my friend Rob and I. The night before we went to the space and got everything pretty for the day of.


Each table had a paper table cloth and a tissue paper flower with a tea light in the centre. The stage, where we put the head table, had a string of lights and tulle, as well as balloons covered in tulle and tied with ribbons and fake flowers. These balloons also appeared throughout the space, as well. We also had little paper wedding bells above the bar.


This was the prototype we created for the wedding. They weren’t helium-filled, but were hung from the ceiling with clear fishing wire.


Here I am playing with a wedding decoration after a few. 😉

Dale and I made the favours for the wedding reception, as well:

DSC_1229 DSC_1230DSC_1231

We gave a little DIY Yahtzee game with dice and little pencil along with a bunch of candy: York peppermint patty, Hershey’s Hugs, Maple toffee, Tootsie Roll, and a Chocolate Loonie. Totally random candies from a bulk store.

Our ceremony was a mix of non-traditional and traditional. We are not religious but we chose to do a handfasting, which is a Celtic and neopagan tradition.

07-13-2015 187 07-13-2015 188

We felt connected to the significance of having our lives bound together physically and symbolically through marriage. Our parents each bound our hands and then tied a knot together. We wanted them to take part in the ceremony in some way even if it wasn’t a traditional giving away of the bride by the father of the bride. In this way, our two families are connected by the bond they created by raising us and blessing our union.

07-13-2015 186 07-13-2015 194 IMG_6851 IMG_6852  IMG_6858 IMG_6860

Our vows were a little different from the usual to have and to hold for richer and for poorer. Helen Sweet, our amazing officiate, had a lovely set of vows that fit with who we are with each other:

I, Andie, choose you Dale as my spouse, to be no other than yourself.  Loving what I know of you, trusting what I don’t yet know; With respect for your integrity and faith in your abiding love for me; In all that life may bring us, I join my life to yours.

While I didn’t cry all the way through the ceremony, my voice caught in saying these words and looking into his eyes.

07-13-2015 199 07-13-2015 200

And then we made out. Fully encouraged by Helen, who said she wouldn’t tolerate anything less than making out.

07-13-2015 201

And the ceremony ended with a family hug with the kids. A perfect way to end it.

Here are some post-ceremony pictures:

07-13-2015 210 IMG_6774IMG_7006 IMG_7001IMG_6737

wpid-wp-1436815738989.jpeg wpid-wp-1436815727539.jpeg IMG_7036 IMG_7034IMG_7032 IMG_7045 IMG_7055 IMG_7062

Our ceremony took place in Allan Gardens Conservatory in the main atrium under the banana tree. It was an important place for us as our family pictures took place there a few years prior.

Helen Sweet, our officiate, was booked through All Seasons Weddings. She was an excellent speaker and truly wonderful to work with. We adored her.

Our reception took place at Social Capital Theatre, where we perform our monthly show, Holodeck Follies. It was catered by KAMA Restaurant, Indian buffet, with a late night pizza snack from Panago Pizza.

For our wedding cake, I made a small gluten free vanilla cake with blueberry coulis and vanilla buttercream. To match our gold colour, I dusted the top with gold sugar dust.

IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7146 IMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7149

Nerds with Guitars played our wedding with excellent covers and some original songs.

I’ve purposely kept a lot of people out of the pictures and focused on Dale and I. I won’t post pictures without permission from individuals. I do want to give you an idea of my neice’s dress, though, so here is a detail of the back.


She was truly adorable in the dress and such a sweetie. She was pretty pleased to be able to take the dress home and be able to wear it to school for special occasions.

Here are some fun pictures from the reception enjoying the music and having fun.

IMG_7150 IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7158 P1020399 P1020383

Our day was absolutely perfect in every way possible. It was wonderful celebrating our love in our own special way.

We were lucky enough to be gifted a Scandinavian and Russian cruise from Dale’s family for the wedding through Celebrity Cruises. Along with that, people were incredibly generous and gave to the Daily Bread Food Bank and gave us enough for a mini honeymoon in Niagara Falls and spending money for our cruise. We’ll be going on the cruise in May 2016. Tons of time to sew up a vacation wardrobe!

In Niagara, we spent some time being tourists and visited the midway, the falls, went on the boat under the falls, visited a wax museum, went to the bird kingdom, and got old timey pictures taken of us.

Here are some fun highlights from our minimoon:

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Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Andie Wells

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