#bpsewvember Round up

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen all of these posts before, but I like the idea of creating a round up of them for me to look through later and for my non-Instagram followers.

Bimble + Pimble made a sewing photo a day challenge called Sewvember for November. The concept was to loosely follow the theme for each day. Everyone had a different interpretation for the theme and tagged #bpsewvember to follow along with the group.

The great thing about the whole challenge was the sense of community it created. I followed so many new and wonderful people from it, started conversations, learned new things, bonded with fellow geeky sewists, and just felt really great about the whole experience.

The sewing community is a very supportive community and great for encouraging all sewists.

Here were the themes for each day and below is a gallery of my photos with my descriptions. Thanks for reading!