Baby clothes

Nope. Stop thinking that. I’m not having a baby!

All of my friends, however, are having babies. I have about ten pregnant friends and three that just had a baby in the last year (one of those is pregnant again!).

When I was on our honeymoon, I bought some fabrics with baby clothes in mind, but also myself, because I love them, too, and am not afraid of wearing twee fabrics.

My friend had a Harry Potter themed baby shower on Saturday. I didn’t make a bunch of Gryffindor cardigans for the baby, but I did make a bunch of fox and squirrel print clothing which has nothing to do with Harry Potter… The baby shower was awesome, though.

I also am so appreciative when people accommodate my million food allergies. I felt very cared for. Warm fuzzies.

Baby Clothes

I used all free patterns for the present.

First up is Made by Rae leggings:

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes

My friend got a bonus pair in jellyfish print, because she was over the moon when I posted my jellyfish dress.

These were easy to put together. They only come in one size: 3-6 months. Although, the stretch in the jellyfish would probably make it just 0-3 months depending on the size of the baby. That’s okay for a free pattern. I can’t wait to see how they look on the baby.

Next up is the Charlie Sweatshirt from Shwin & Shwin:

Baby Clothes

It looks a bit different from the one on the website. I majorly screwed up the neckline and cut it off and then attached a 4 inch wide band to the neckline instead, which is folded over. I think it looks cute. This is 6-12 months size, which makes it perfect timing for winter. The baby is due in the next month so in 6 months it will need a sweater.

Next up is the baby shoes pattern from Crazy Little Projects:

Baby Clothes

It’s 6-12 months size as well. I adapted the pattern quite a bit. It’s meant for woven fabric and I used knit. I also added a leg band for colder months. Not my best work with the serger for the teeny curves at the front, sadly, but it will look fine with chubby little baby feet in it.

I found so many adorable patterns for booties that I can’t wait to make more.

Next up are these baby mittens by From a Box:

Baby Clothes

These are fully lined and would probably work for up to 12 months.

Probably my favourite of the bunch is this knot-style baby hat from Zaaberry:

Baby Clothes

This is 0-3 months size and super cute. I would totally make a billion of these for friends!

Zaaberry also has two other versions of the hat: one with bear ears and a plain beanie. So cute.

Everyone is getting a baby hat! You get a baby hat! And you get a baby hat!

Finally, the last item I made was a tiny tank top from the Allison show:

Baby Clothes

I added bands to the armholes and the neckline instead of hemming them. I have no idea what the size is on that one. Maybe the same as the leggings, 3-6 months.

The whole bunch is adorable and took so little time to make. I probably spent about 4 hours with everything including cutting.

I also put together this card with Stampin Up products:

Baby Shower card

Most of it is using the Foxy Friends bundle and paper. Seriously love that bundle. The link above is to my friend’s shop so she would get happy if you decided to order anything through that link. 😉

So this project plus a pattern testing project may have helped get my sewing mojo back after a rough June. Cross your fingers!