Completed Projects


Simplicity 8344 Bodysuit: floral liverpool knit – Completed August 2018

Self-drafted Bra: duoplex, powernet, lace, etc – Completed August 2018

Forsythe Trousers and a Cashmerette Concord Vest: grey jersey bedsheet and brown sweaterknit – Completed July 2018

Cashmerette Harrison shirt: poly cotton floral print – Completed July 2018

Cashmerette Ipswich Swimsuit: nylon spandex, powernet, etc – Completed July 2018

Simplicity 8342: striped cotton lycra – Completed July 2018

Simplicity 8096 crop top and self-drafted pleated skirt: black floral cotton fabric – Completed July 2018

DIBY Club Gabriela Onesie: Disney princess cotton lycra – Completed June 2018

Muse Patterns Manuka top: red rayon fabric – Completed May 2018

Cashmerette Upton Bodice and Tenterhook Patterns Snapdragon skirt: black cotton eyelet – Completed May 2018

Designer Stitch Willow Kimono: orange satin leopard print – Completed May 2018

Simplicity 8084: flamingo print telio rayon – Completed May 2018

Decades of Style T.L.C. Caftan: white cotton swiss dot and pompom trim – Completed May 2018

Burda Jersey Blazer 08/2016 #134: jersey and wrights piping – Completed April 2018

McCall’s 7624: rayon fabrics – Completed April 2018

Simplicity 8140: lace and yarn dyed cotton flannel – Completed April 2018

McCall’s 7094: woven poly crepe – Completed April 2018

Cashmerette Cedar Dolman dress: mauve bamboo jersey – Completed March 2018

Cashmerette Cedar Dolman hack: flower printed rayon jersey – Completed March 2018

Cashmerette Dartmouth top and Concord tank top: sweater knit and poly blend jersey – Completed March 2018

Cashmerette Darthmouth bodice with Turner skirt: poly crepe – Completed March 2018

Seamwork Jill Coatigan: wool coating – Completed March 2018

Blank Slate Patterns Forsythe Trousers: stretch poly suiting – Completed February 2018

Cashmerette Belmont Leggings: Fleece backed poly – Completed February 2018

Cashmerette Cedar Dolman: double brushed poly – Completed February 2018

Refashion of a RTW dress into a skirt: Cotton waistband – Completed January 2018


Blank Slate Patterns Forsythe Trousers: stretch denim – Completed December 2017


Patterns for Pirates Siren Swim top and Sailor Swim bottoms with Designer Stitch Willow Kimono: nylon spandex or poly spandex swim fabric plus powernet for swimsuits and cotton voile with pompom trim for kimono – Completed December 2017

Burda Neglige 01/2017 #125A and Kimono Robe 01/2012 #134AB: Stretch satin and fleece backed satin – Completed December 2017

Burda Cowl Neck Top 10/2011 #135

Burda 10/2011 #135 Plus size Cowl top: turquoise cotton lycra – Completed November 2017

Cashmerette Rivermont Dress

Cashmerette Rivermont dress: Purple ponti de roma – Completed June 2017

Cashmerette Rivermont Dress

Cashmerette Rivermont Dress: peach scuba and royal blue stretch lace – Completed September 2017

Cake Patterns Pavlova Skirt

Cake Patterns Pavlova Skirt: cotton suiting – Completed October 2017

Cashmerette Springfield Top

Cashmerette Springfield Top: navy poly crepe – Completed October 2017

Cashmerette Concord T

Cashmerette Concord T: yellow and striped cotton lycra – Completed September 2017

Decades Everyday Chore Skirt

Decades Everyday Chore Skirt: pink cotton poplin with black cotton bias tape – Completed September 2017

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

Decades Everyday ESP dress: quilting cotton – Completed August 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Blank Slate Pattern Oceanside shorts: linen rayon – Completed July 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Cashmerette Upton Skirt Hack: green cotton – Completed July 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Decades Everyday Three’s a Charm Jacket: black jersey – Completed July 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Cashmerette Dartmouth Top: bamboo jersey – Completed July 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Cashmerette Webster Dress: cotton voile – Completed July 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Blank Slate Barton Shorts: linen rayon – Completed July 2017

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigans: rib knit/rayon blend jersey – Completed July/August 2017

Blanket: fleece and flannel – Completed August 2017

Cashmerette Concord T: hello kitty cotton lycra – Completed July 2017

Cake Patterns Pavlova Skirt: blue poly/white and black cotton weave – Completed June 2017

Cashmerette Appleton Dress

Cashmerette Appleton dress: poly blend jersey – Completed July 2017

Blank Slate Oceanside shorts

Blank Slate Oceanside shorts: turquoise linen – Completed May 2017

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Lenox Dress: white cotton – Completed May 2017

Winslow Culottes and M6754

M6754: cotton lycra giraffes – Completed May 2017

Winslow Culottes and M6754

Helen’s Closet Winslow Culottes: poly crepe – Completed May 2017

Itch to Stitch Belize Shorts

Itch to Stitch Belize shorts: pink stretch denim –  Completed May 2017

Burda Sweatshirts: fleece and terry – Completed February 2017

Cashmerette Upton Dress: blue poly – Completed February 2017

Slouchy Beanie

Slouchy Beanie

Blank Slate slouchy beanie hat: cotton lycra or rayon lycra – Completed January 2017

Pussyhat Project

Pussyhat project: pink fleece – Completed January 2017


Mermaid Tail Blanket

Shark Tail Blanket

Self-Drafted Mermaid and Shark Tale blankets: fleece – Completed December 2016

Turner dress with cowl neckline

Cashemerette Turner Dress with cowl hack: Rayon jersey – Completed December 2016

Turner Dress

Cashmerette Turner Dress made for a friend and had to try on: vintage poly jersey – Completed December 2016

Bedding set for baby Charlie

Bedding set for a friend: quilting cotton – Completed October 2016

Star Trek Costumes

M6997 and M7216 Hacked Star Trek uniforms: Blue poly and black cotton/red poly cotton twill – Completed October 2016

Blank Slate Patterns Auberley dress

Blank Slate Patterns Auberley Dress: Green poly crepe – Completed October 2016

Verity Dress by Moxie Patterns

Moxie Patterns Verity Dress: quilted poly/rayon jersey – Completed October 2016

Simplicity 8137

Simplicity 8137: Navy crepe – Completed October 2016

Star Trek Insurrection Captain's dress uniform

M7216 Hacked Star Trek Insurrection Captain’s Dress uniform: white cotton/poly twill – Completed August 2016

Jenna Cardi and Upton Maxi Dress

Muse Patterns Jenna Cardi and Cashmerette Upton Maxi dress: Pink jersey and wax print cotton – Completed August 2016

Concord T-shirt and Prefontaine Shorts

Made with Moxie Prefontaine Shorts: purple cotton – Completed August 2016


Springfield Top

Springfield Top

Cashmerette Springfield tops: Rayon – Completed June/July 2016

Springfield Tent Dress

Cashmerette Springfield tent dress hack: vintage linen – Completed July 2016

Concord Tank Dress

Cashmerette Concord tank dress: cotton lycra – Completed July 2016

Concord T-Shirt

Cashmerette Concord T-Shirt: Cotton lycra – Completed July 2016

M6887 Apple dress

M6887: Apple stretch sateen – Completed June 2016


Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes for a friend: cotton lycra – Complete June 2016

Concord Tank top!

Concord Tank top!

Concord tank tops: cotton lycra – Completed June 2016

Vintage Floral Linen M6696

M6996: Floral vintage linen and cotton accents with vintage buttons – Completed June 2016


Colette Patterns Myrtle Dress: Flamingo cotton lycra – Completed May 2016


Cashmerette Concord Dress: Jellyfish cotton lycra – Completed May 2016


Muse Patterns Philipa top: Ponte knit and rayon polkadot – Completed April 2016


Waffle Patterns Pepernoot Coat: brown wool suiting and brushed pink cotton plaid – Completed April 2016

Style Arc Misty Jeans: Stretch denim – Completed April 2016

DSC_2009 DSC_2008 DSC_2004 DSC_2014 DSC_2012 DSC_2011

A bunch of Cashmerette Concord T-Shirts: rayon/poly/spandex blend in various colours – Completed April 2016 (First one tested November 2015)


Decades Everyday Three’s a Charm Jacket: pink and black polkadot heavyweight cotton – Completed April 2016

20160323_214627.jpg 20160312_173456 20160312_193236 20160312_182144 pixlr_20160402230045969.jpg pixlr_20160403151200299.jpg


A Bunch of KitchyCoo Barrie Briefs: Various jersey, stretch lace, or spandex materials – Completed Feb-April 2016


Prep School Bra (cloned Elomi bra pattern): lace and sheer cup lining – Completed March 2016


Style Arc Eva Top: pink poly/rayon jersey – Completed March 2016


Style Arc Cate’s Cousin Top: black rayon/poly jersey knit – Completed March 2016


Muse Patterns Jenna top hack: orange jersey – Completed March 2016


Tenterhook Snapdragon skirt: white suiting – completed March 2016


Muse Patterns Jenna Cardi: Merino wool – Completed February 2016 Tenterhook Snapdragon Skirt: Heavy wool – Completed February 2016

20160301_204701.jpg 20160301_212605.jpg 20160227_172559.jpg 20160227_161759.jpg


Cloned Old Navy Leggings and bonus tights: jersey and spandex – completed February – March 2016

20160218_215818 20160218_22105620160218_220318

AFI Maya Bra: polylaminate foam, stretch lace, stretch satin, and powernet – Completed February 2016


Cloned Elomi Bra: Garden Bra in turquoise duoplex, stretch lace, and powernet – Completed February 2016


Cloned Elomi Bra: Desert Sunset Bra in fucshia duoplex, stretch lace, and powernet – Completed January 2016



Colette Myrtle: Orange/white poly/rayon knit – Completed December 2015


Style Arc Misty Jeans: Brown corduroy – Completed November 2015


McCall’s 6754: Royal Blue Quilted Polyester Knit – Completed September 2015


Butterick 6210: Purple knit pattern rayon jersey – Completed August 2015


Jenna Cardi: Mint cotton interlock – Completed August 2015


Jenna Cardi: White lycra jersey – Completed August 2015


Cloned Elomi Bra: Teal duoplex, white nylon lace, white power mesh lining the upper cup, white power net for the band, white elastic findings kit – Completed July 2015


Cloned Elomi Bra: Beige bra kit from Bra-maker’s Supply (duoplex, power net, and elastics) – Completed June 2015


Cloned Elomi Bra: Fuchsia duoplex, black power net, and fuchsia findings kit – Completed June 2015


Very Shannon’s Sweetheart Dress: Red satin – Completed June 2015


Simplicity 1459: Cotton Ikea duvet cover – Completed May 2015


My Wedding Dress M7084: Silk charmeuse, nylon lace and silk organza – Completed May 2015


M6696: gingham cotton and floral cotton – Completed May 2015


Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte Top: cotton interlock – Completed May 2015


Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte top: cotton interlock fabric – Completed May 2015


M7100: Floral denim bomber jacket with ribbing – completed May 2015


M7100: white and black woven cotton houndstooth – Completed April 2015


Simplicity 1459: white and navy gingham cotton – Completed April 2015

DSC_0927 DSC_0934 DSC_0947 DSC_0955

Self-drafted dirndl skirts: various cotton prints – Completed March 2015


Seamwork’s Florence Bra: stretch lace and spandex – Completed March 2015


Muse Patterns’ Melissa Dress: pink and black cotton – Completed March 2015


Golden Rippy Omega Angel Jacket: thrifted blue print sweatshirt fleece, black ribbing and black sweatshirt fleece from Joann’s – Completed March 2015


Cloned Elomi bra: Bra Maker’s Supply white duoplex/elastics/power net and stretch blue lace – Completed February 2015


M6614 Hoodie: mint sweatshirt fleece, white/pink rib knit, and white textured double knit – Completed January 2015


Bluegingerdoll’s Violet Dress: red jersey and snake print jersey – Completed January 2015


Tenterhook Pattern’s Snapdragon skirt: pink denim – Completed January 2015


Simplicity PJs (free pattern): flannel – Completed January 2015


Simplicity PJs (free pattern): flannel – Completed January 2015


M6696: cotton – Completed January 2015



Vogue 8346: Wool herringbone, wool boucle, faux leather, and polar fleece lining – Completed December 2014.


Muse Pattern’s Jenna Cardi: pink rib knit and gold dotted jersey – Completed December 2014


Muse Pattern’s Jenna Cardi: textured flower double knit, white rib knit, and textured cranberry knit – Completed December 2014


Wonder Woman Casual Cosplay / Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte top: red jersey with star buttons / McCall’s 6696 skirt pattern hack: blue bottomweight canvas Completed December 2014

wpid-wp-1420094298864.jpeg wpid-wp-1420094281970.jpeg wpid-wp-1420094193064.jpeg

Simplicity free pj pattern: 5 flannel and 1 fleece – Completed December 2014

Go To Patterns’ Parisian Top: sweater and double knits – Completed December 2014


Pin up Girls’ Classic Full Band Bra: duoplex and power mesh – Completed November 2014


Muse Pattern’s Jenna Cardi: mustard rib knit and silver striped jersey – Completed November 2014


Go To Patterns’ Hacked Parisian Top (Cropped and made into a cardigan): Thick jersey – Completed November 2014


Cake Pattern’s Pavlova Skirt (also pictured above): polyester suiting – Completed too quickly October 2014 & fixed November 2014


M6696 View D: Printed Cotton Quilting fabric – Completed November 2014


Burda Faux Wrap Tunic (08/2011 #139): taupe jersey – Completed October 2014


Muse Patterns Gillian wrap dress in top variation: turquoise lightweight jersey – Completed October 2014


Colette’s Moneta: orange jersey knit – Completed September 2014


Upcycled circle wrap skirt from first me-made dress that no longer fit M5314: blue cotton – Completed September 2014


Circle skirt cut from failed M6504 – grey wool suiting, purple cotton suiting, black cotton suiting – Completed September 2014


Parisian Nights Pajamas – flannel print and stretch cotton – Completed August 2014


Parisian Nights Pajamas – jersey and stretch cotton – Completed August 2014


Colette’s Myrtle – polka dot silk charmeuse – Completed July 2014

Cpt. Field & Lt. Cmdr Kumquat (The Dandies)

Self-drafted from RTW clothes – Star Trek TNG uniforms – Completed July 2014

Sewing Cake Pavlova Skirt – Linen – Completed June 2014


Colette’s Moneta: printed stretch cotton – Completed June 2014

A quilted wall hanging for a friend's wedding Completed June 20, 2014

A quilted wall hanging for a friend’s wedding Completed June 20, 2014


Colette’s Moneta: gold-printed spandex – Completed June 2014


Colette’s Moneta: stretch cotton in navy & teal – Completed May 2014


Self drafted pattern: Owl pillow cover, white/black fleece, grey/yellow felt, brown leather with a Velcro closure – Completed April 2014



Butterick B3906: Seven of Nine O’Clock ( Star Trek Voyager/Steampunk costume) – teal satin underdress, brown leather underbust vest, green velvet overskirt with satin ribbon accent, polymer clay accessories & felt hat – Complete October 2013


McCall’s M6503: Star Trek printed cotton quilting fabric – Completed September 2013 & Altered May 2014


Self drafted dress using a RTW dress as a template: stretch cotton in black & green – Completed September 2013

McCall’s M6503: White cotton & printed polyester – Completed September 2013


Self drafted pattern: Blue lace with satin ties – Completed September 2013


McCall’s M6124: Green cotton – Completed August 2013


August Dress #2

McCall’s M6124: Purple plaid with metallic thread accents (unsure if completely synthetic or if cotton) – Completed August 2013


BurdaStyle's Kirsten Dress: Stretch grey/purple plaid suiting - Completed July 2013 & Altered August 2013

BurdaStyle’s Kirsten Dress: Stretch grey/purple plaid suiting – Completed July 2013 & Altered August 2013



Self-drafted pattern: Harley Quinn costume with yoga pants, t-shirt & hoodie, stretch cotton in red & black – Completed October 2012



FIRST COMPLETED GARMENT Self-drafted costume “Little Red Riding the Wolf”: red stretch poly something or other, grey fleece, white felt, organza, and lace – Completed 2008

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