Me-Made-May 2018 Round up

Phew. I’ve been a busy bee and haven’t had the time to post my #MMMay18 round up until now. Yikes!

Me-Made-May was a success this year! I pledged to wear at least 3 me-made garments every day. I managed to take outfit posts every day even if a couple are of hanging garments. My undergarments are always me-made so I they are counted on top of the garments listed for each day and I live in my Belmont leggings these days so I didn’t always list them in the garments. Leggings for LIFE!

I’d love to have an “instagram-worthy space” (not that I get what that means) to easily take pictures for these but I don’t have that. My mirror is in my closet and my closet is packed full of stuff since it doubles as a linen closet and also has a bunch of bags ready to go to the charity shop for donations so you either get a view of that or my room which was likely in disarray…  I’ve learned to let the concept of displaying perfection go. I think the world would do better to not expect it at all because perfection is impossible.

Imperfection can be beautiful in its own right. If you see my ironing board in the background, you know I was sewing and that means self-care for me and happy happy Andie! If you see a pile of stuff, you know I let that go in order to recover from a migraine or rest myself from pain. A laundry basket in the background means that my husband did the laundry and it’s just waiting to be put away and that shows how our relationship is all about balance and love and making sure one person isn’t taking on all the household tasks. Let’s put it this way, if I spent the time and energy on making a space that is IG-worthy and has that “perfect” look, I wouldn’t have the time or energy to sew and that would be tragic. I also wouldn’t be as real as I try to be so that people know that I’m not perfect. I am me and I really can’t be anything but honest about that. So there ya go. Maybe if we ever move, I will set up a spot that looks a bit better for mirror selfies but maybe not.

Me Made May

Day 1: Simplicity 1459 and Muse Patterns Jenna Cardi

Day 2: Decades Everyday T.L.C. Caftan

Day 3: Burda Blazer, Cashmerette Concord top, and Blank Slate Forsythe Trousers

Day 4: M7094

Day 5: Nautical M6696 and Muse Jenna Cardi

Day 6: Hello Kitty Concord Tee and Prefontaine shorts

Day 7: M7094 and Cake Pavlova skirt

Day 8: Modified Cashmerette Springfield top and Cake Pavlova skirt

Day 9: Concord Tee and patternless dirndl skirt

Day 10: Cashmerette Cedar Dolman and Belmont Leggings

Day 11: Colette Moneta, Belmont Leggings and Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan

Day 12: Concord tee, Belmont Leggings, and Cake Pavlova skirt

Day 13: Modified Cedar Dolman dress, M6614 hoodie

Day 14: Simplicity 8084 and Belmont Leggings

Day 15: Swoon Scarf Neck cardigan, Belmont leggings, M6887

Day 16: Concord tank top and Parisian Nights pj shorts

Day 17: Burda blazer, modified Springfield top, and Cake Pavlova skirt

Day 18: Concord tee, Upton skirt, and Belmont leggings

Day 19: M6614 hoodie, Concord Tee, and pj pants

Day 20: Concord Tank top and Itch to Stitch Belize Shorts

Day 21: Cashmerette Upton dress

Day 22: B6210

Day 23: Burda cowl neck top and patternless dirndl skirt

Day 24: M6696 and Swoon Scarf Neck cardigan

Day 25: Modified Concord tee and Cake Pavlova skirt

Day 26: Decades of Style TLC Caftan that I got popsicle over lol!

Day 27: Colette Myrtle dress and Jenna Cardi

Day 28: Colette Myrtle dress and Swoon scarf neck cardi

Day 29: Concord tank top and Blank Slate Forsythe Trousers

Day 30: Concord Tee and a Cake Pavlova skirt that I had just finished fixing earlier that week

Day 31: Simplicity 8084 dress and Belmont Leggings

Me Made May 2017 Round up, Summary, and Plans

Well, another Me Made May is done. Other than not loving the term “me made” (but embracing the fact that it is out there and accepted terminology by most of the sewing blog community), I really enjoy the concept of it. This is the second time I have fully documented my outfits throughout the month. 2015 was the first time. In 2014, I didn’t have a huge amount of outfits to wear so I half participated. Last year, I was in Europe for our honeymoon and participated when I returned.

Sorry for the massive embedded video. I can’t seem to make it smaller.

That’s what I wore every day in May. Lots of Cashmerette, Muse, and Colette patterns, but there is also Style Arc, McCall’s, Simplicity, Cake patterns, and some simple “self-drafted” and rtw cloned garments. I always wore handmade undergarments as well.

This year, I didn’t make a formal pledge on the blog or with So Zo. I had some informal ideas worked out in my head.  I didn’t want to declare that I needed to wear X number of garments since I wouldn’t really be able to plan that out. I wear pretty much 90% homemade clothes, but have some gaps in my wardrobe that RTW fills. I wanted to pay attention to that and not stress over grabbing RTW items. During the month, I wore RTW cardigans with a waterfall front style. I haven’t made anything like that yet so I’ve added that to my wardrobe plans. I wore RTW tops that are less casual than what I make. I’ve added a few dressier tops to my sewing plans now. I also wore a RTW blazer and that reminded me of my goals for the year to sew a damn blazer so that is in my sewing plans. I’ll get to all my plans later in the post.

For a sewing goal this month, I wanted to get my UFOs and repairs done. I had let 16 of them pile up. I got 9 done (Winslow Culottes, M6754, Belize Shorts, Embroidered Lenox Dress, rtw cardi repair, repair on Philippa top, repair on Three’s a Charm jacket, Jennifer City Shorts, Misty Jeans in capri length), and, out of the 9, 1 was a failure (Jennifer City Shorts, but I will try again with this pattern). I threw 1 into the scrap bin since I felt like it would be a failure anyway due to fabric that was not appropriate (what was I thinking?!). I have 4 more in progress (3 circle skirts and a pattern hack dress) and 2 left to revisit (2 piece swimsuit and my old floral misty jeans that need a strip of fabric added to the sides).  The 4 in progress are pretty close to being done. For the circle skirts, I just need to attach the waistbands and then I let them hang for several days. For the pattern hack dress, I have to re-sew some things after a fit test revealed some issues. I feel confident that, after that is done, I can cut out new items now so I can work on my #2017makenine list (I only have one thing on the list done) as well as my wardrobe plans for the summer. I did not get my UFO swimsuit done or even touch it. It will happen soon (hopefully before the end of June), but I wanted the “easier” things out of the way. I should be able to get the bottoms done in no time and then putter away on the top, which uses the Maya bra pattern. The floral Misty Jeans will need the hem and the side seams ripped out first and then it should be really easy once the fabric is cut out for the strips. I can probably get the rest done by the end of June and be able to sew other things on my list.

Which brings me to my list. Me Made May provided me with the opportunity to really evaluate what I need in my wardrobe. Ongoing needs include: leggings, bras, and underwear. I’m not going to plan those things out individually, but say they are continually on my list. This list includes items that I discovered I wanted more of as well as patterns that I wanted to try out and have been in the works for a while. I haven’t added a dress to wear to a wedding that we are going to at the end of September, though, since I haven’t really pinned down what I want. Thanks to Michelle who gave me the idea of planning this out with my Curvy Sketchbook and thanks to the CSC for in inspiring Mini-Capsule Wardrobe month.

Top Row:

  1. Appleton Dress: Tropical Print Maxi Length 3/4 length sleeves
  2. M5050: View E White gauze with lace; Misty Jeans: Capri length (Made)
  3. M7094: View C Navy Blue crepe with orange squigly squares; Jennifer city shorts: twill (to buy)
  4. Lenox Dress: Cotton mint eyelet
  5. Oceanside Shorts: green linen rayon; Concord T: Hello Kitty Cotton Lycra

Middle Row:

  1. Barton Shorts: Tropical print linen rayon with lace; Concord T: Lightweight jersey (to buy)
  2. Three’s a Charm Jacket: Black Jersey; Springfield top: Red Rayon; Pavlova Skirt: (In progress)
  3. Simplicity 2350: White crepe with coral satin lining; M6555: White crepe and turquoise crepe
  4. Scarf Neck Cardigan: lightweight jersey (to buy); Dartmouth top: lightweight jersey (to buy); Misty Jeans: Capri length (Made)
  5. Peplum top: black rayon; Misty Jeans: Capri length (Made)

Bottom Row:

  1. Burda Cowl Neck Top: lightweight jersey (to buy); Oceanside Pants: Chambray (to buy)
  2. Winslow Culottes: Linen or Chambray (to buy); Concord T: Made or planned above
  3. Burda Keyhole Dress: White rayon with navy polkadots
  4. Burda Kimono Robe: Silk or Satin (to buy); PJ Pants: flannelConcord T: Made or planned above
  5. Springfield top: Flannel hacked into a babydoll sleeping top; PJ Shorts (Barton or 5 out of 4 short length pjs): Flannel

That is 24 things to sew. Not all of this will happen and I am not giving myself a deadline on these plans. Some of them will work for early fall, too. I’m not stressing over finishing this list. But, if I have the energy and motivation to sew, I tend to get a lot done and it is possible that I will get it done. Only a few of these will require the muslin process (the Simplicity blazer, the peplum top, the Burda keyhole dress, Barton shorts). Everything else is either meant to fit big or has been fitted previously. I only need to do an FBA on M5050 and M7094 needs a narrow shoulder adjustment likely. It will be interesting to see what I get done, but I am excited for a bit more variety, versatility and sophistication in my wardrobe.


Me Made May Thoughts

It’s now the first day of June and Me Made May is over. How did I do with my pledge?

‘I, Andie of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least three handmade garments each day for the duration of May 2016’

Well, I accomplished it without an issue. I thought about what it would take for me to achieve a fully handmade wardrobe by next May so that none of the items I wear need to be RTW. That doesn’t mean I have to toss my favourite remaining RTW dresses, blazers, sweaters, and tops, but that I wouldn’t need to wear them because I have enough handmade items to fill those gaps. Most of the items I came up with were in my plan before May, but some were actually surprising to me.

Top five things I should be sewing:

  1. Sweaters and blazers. I wear them with every outfit, because I love layers. I am prone to being cold and would prefer to have an extra layer of protection rather than be shivering in AC in the summer. Specifically, I need white and black sweaters and blazers in different shapes and styles for different looks.
  2. Bras. It’s kind of nuts that I need bras when I sew so many, but all of my bras have wires poking out, because the underwire channeling isn’t great quality in my opinion. The channeling I am used to from my Elomi bras is thicker and better. I have some channeling from a local source and from Arte Crafts so I will see if those work. I will try to fix the bras I have, but going forward want them to be better quality. I also really need to sew a gothic arch for comfort to see if that helps a bit of pain in the centre front after wearing it for a full day.
  3. Skirts. This was not expected since I have a lot of skirts. Turns out I need some more solid coloured skirts for patterned tops. I had a difficult time matching some recent tops I made to the skirts in my closet.
  4. Dresses. Again, not expected at all. Previously, I thought I was all done with dresses and should just be making skirts and tops. On the cruise, we would wear formal wear for dinners. I didn’t bring a huge amount of dresses and realized that I should make a couple of formal dresses for events or even a night on the town. I have nothing that fits my current body that I would consider formal. I also don’t have a little black dress and never have really had anything that would be considered a little black dress. I’d love to make one.
  5. Swimsuit. It was in my sewing plan to make a swimsuit. I brought a swimsuit for the cruise and never even entertained wearing it. I just don’t get the bust support I need in RTW swimsuits. I want to start going to the pool for low-impact exercise. In order to do that, I need to have a swimsuit I feel comfortable in. (edit: good timing, because it is swimwear month over at the Curvy Sewing Collective!)

I think Me Made May is a great way to reevaluate your wardrobe and think about what pieces you might be missing in it. I love taking part. I didn’t document every outfit. I find that part exhausting and not always practical, but as Zoe points out that’s not necessary to take part.

Here are some outfits I wore:


Me-Made-May 2016 and Progress Report

I cannot believe it’s almost time for Me-Made-May’16. I feel like this year has flown by like crazy! In the past year my handmade wardrobe has expanded like crazy. I almost have no RTW garments left in my closet. Last year, I accomplished my goal of wearing at least one handmade garment a day. This year I am upping that this year!

‘I, Andie of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least three handmade garments each day for the duration of May 2016’

Three handmade garments a day! That can be easily accomplished I think, because I have a ton of new knickers! This weekend I made 13 more pairs of Barrie Briefs (shown below; there are two red pairs with black lace). I have over 20 pairs of handmade knickers in my wardrobe now. I am pretty proud of that.

pixlr_20160403151200299.jpg pixlr_20160402230045969.jpg

Along with all of these, my handmade bras and leggings end up being three pieces alone. I could actually pledge to wear four pieces…or even five… but I was already tripling my pledge from last year…

I am not making an extra pledge of making stuff during the month and I will not be posting my daily outfits on instagram either. Part of May is our honeymoon so I may not even be able to post half the month and I certainly don’t expect to finish much when I return, because I definitely expect to be exhausted when I return. I will take pictures, though, and post a round up at the end of the month. I will probably also report that I should have made the pledge of four or five pieces, because I have so much handmade stuff. 😉

Our honeymoon is less than a month away and I am so incredibly excited. It snowed here in Toronto this weekend (10-15 cm!) and I teased myself by looking at the weather in Amsterdam. 15 degrees celcius! Curses! April should be better weather here.

Let’s talk an update on the honeymoon wardrobe:


My Waffle Patterns Pepernoot Coat muslin has been made. I still need to make the final pattern alterations and cut it out in the final fabric. I expect to get that all done this week and start sewing. I will not be making the detachable fur trim until after the honeymoon, though. I won’t need that on a Spring coat.


I have one pair of Misty Jeans made along with my first version. I have two more cut out with fun pockets:

img_20160306_143430.jpg img_20160306_150117.jpgimg_20160306_151427.jpg

Bonus makes: several pairs of leggings.


I will not be getting the Style Arc Skye top done before I go. Just too many issues that are making me not want to sew it at all. I’ve decided to put it away for now.

I got the Eva top and Cate’s Cousin Top done. I also refashioned a dress into a top using the Jenna Cardi top hack.

I have some more to share in this category, but you have to wait a week for that. 😉


I made my Decades Everyday Three’s a Charm jacket last week and can’t wait to share. I didn’t take pictures this weekend as I had planned because the weather was terrible. Hopefully this week will allow for that. If not, I will have to take them inside. Here is the picture of the finished product I shared on IG for a preview.


I would love to get one more of these done with the alterations I need to make, but I probably won’t get to that!

For cardigans, I have my Jenna cardi in blue merino.


I will not be getting a Style Arc Candice Skirt done since my material was directional in the wrong direction. 😦 D’oh! I’ll try out the pattern later once I find some good fabric.

I made two Tenterhook Pattern Snapdragon skirts. I wrote a review of the pattern on the Curvy Sewing Collective and it went up last week. Check it out.

I have three Cake Pavlova skirts cut out that I will get done at some point, too. I will be trying out some pleating details on them, too, and side-seam pockets.


I made several bras so far. I’d really like to get one more done using the pattern from the Prep School Bra and the blush bra tulle kit from Emerald Studio. We’ll see. I feel like two pairs of jeans, three skirts, and a coat will be enough for the next few weeks!

I made around 20 Barrie Briefs. Good amount for the trip!

I made one pair of Going Rogue socks and one pair of tights using part of that pattern and would love to make more, but I doubt I will have the time and I am running out of materials. That will wait until after the honeymoon.

To sum up…

What I made:

  1. 1 pair of pants
  2. Several pairs of leggings
  3. Three tops (plus a bonus amount of tops to be revealed next week!)
  4. 1 blazer
  5. 1 cardigan
  6. 2 skirts
  7. Several bras
  8. Over 20 knickers
  9. 1 pair of socks
  10. 1 pair of tights

(WTF, that’s a lot of stuff….)

What got shelved:

  1. Style Arc Skye Top
  2. Style Arc Candice Skirt

What is left to do:

  1. Two pairs of Misty Jeans
  2. Pepernoot Coat
  3. Three Pavlova Skirts
  4. One more bra (if I have time)

I better get back to sewing…phew…


Me-Made-May 17th-31st

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.47.13

I’m rounding up the last of my MMM’15 outfits. You can see my other outfits in the other round up post.

Day 17:


I wore a me-made necklace and my blue floral dirndl skirt.

I also made a few more necklaces:

IMG_20150518_181935 IMG_20150518_182401

Including one for a friend of mine.


Day 18:


A sew-at-home holiday so I wore my Hello Kitty hoodie.

Day 19:


My new Bronte top and my pink floral dirndl skirt with a me-made macaron necklace.

Day 20:


Another Bronte top with my red floral dirndl skirt.

Day 21:


My blue wrap skirt with a me-made necklace.

Day 22:


My Kitty Chronicle M6696 dress.

Day 23:


My gold Moneta dress.

Day 24:


My nautical  M6696.

Day 25:


My pink snapdragon skirt.

Day 26:


Black Bronte top with blue M6696 skirt and me-made bow necklace.

Day 27:


My Gillian wrap top with rtw dress.

Day 28:


RTW top with plaid dirndl skirt.

Day 29:


A new dress which I will talk about in a future post! 😀 I wore this to our stag and doe and had tons of fun!

Day 30:


Nautical M6696 again for a lovely anniversary party at my improv home, Social Capital theatre.

Day 31:


It was a chilly and rainy day so I wore my Parisian top with my black Pavlova skirt.

I still need more me-made cardigans, but I was pleased to learn that I need a lot more dresses. Dresses are a staple in my wardrobe. I’m probably okay with skirts for now, but I will definitely be adding some skirts and leggings to my fall sewing plans. I find that I wear skirts on cooler days.

So how did I do on my pledge?

Well, I wore at least one me-made garment every day of May and I got two dresses finished. The lingerie parts are going to be this month plus one dress for myself for the Monthly Stitches’ Indie Pattern Month dresses week. I’m going to try and get that done this week. If not, I will just write the post for the month and not participate in the competition. I’m not going to stress with the wedding coming up and all.

After the dress, I’ll be getting on that lingerie sewing and also sewing the sash for my dress and my sister’s dress and her daughter’s flower girl dress. I have a lot to do by the end of June!

Halfway through Me-Made-May Round-up

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.47.13

I was only going to post one round-up post at the end of the month, but then I figured that would be too much work at once. I’m also showing you previews of some of the things I’ve made this month so far.

Day One:



I wore my M6503 Star Trek dress.

I saw Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) give a talk at the Toronto Reference Library on her memoir. She is absolutely lovely in person and I wanted to be adopted by her.



Day two:


My Harley Quinn top (unblogged) and my Cake Pavlova skirt in black for Free Comic Book Day. We ended up staying home and watching Dare Devil instead, though, but it definitely wasn’t a waste of a great outfit.

Day three:


Wore a RTW top and jacket with my pink floral dirndl skirt.

Day four:


My nautical M6696 dress.

That night I made three necklaces, too:


Made with polymer clay and nickle-free chain and findings.

Day five:


A RTW peasant top with my new flower necklace and my Cake Pavlova skirt with suspenders.

Day six:


My Burdastyle wrap tunic with a rtw camisole underneath.

I also had my improv show, Holodeck Follies, that night. So, in a very blurry photo, I am wearing my Star Trek costume with a me-made communicator badge.


Day seven:


RTW top and cardigan with my colourblocked skirt.

Day eight:


Gingham Simplicity 1459.

Day nine:


Red JVL Bronte top in red with RTW yoga pants for cleaning the house and sitting around.

Day ten:

IMG_20150510_104352 IMG_20150429_180907

No full body shot, because meh. It was a day in pjs: doing laundry, watching Dare Devil, and drinking Grower’s cider.

In my simplicity pj pants with my Parisian Nights pj top.

It was Mother’s Day and I got a lovely card from my step-chillun



Day eleven:


My floral Moneta dress.

Day twelve:


A new purple M6696 with a RTW cardi. I will blog about it sometime soon, but here is a preview!

I also fixed my Wonder Woman skirt that night:


When I made it, it was slightly tight. I finally got frustrated with not wearing it and added in some inches to the waistband. In two pieces because I had very little material left. Fits perfectly now!

I also made another bow necklace. This time using leftover leather scraps:


Day thirteen:


Happy wearing my Wonder Woman skirt again! Also pictured is a preview of my new floral M7100 and my new pink bow necklace. RTW top.

Day fourteen:


Red Bronte top with my yellow plaid dirndl skirt and my leather bow necklace. TOTALLY ME MADE OUTFIT, EVERYONE!!!

Day 15:


My Jungle January Bluegingerdoll Violet dress.

Day sixteen:


My Simplicity 1459 dress again with white RTW cardi that is falllling appaaaaart and not really white anymore due to laundry mishaps aplenty.

Today we had a Toronto Sewcialist meet-up. Since it is a long weekend, only a few of us were there, but it was really great. I got to chat with two other Andreas (PhysicsGirl and Zoopolis) and Bev, who doesn’t have a blog. They are all wonderful people and it was lovely to chat about fabric and shop in the Fashion District. And, of course, I bought fabric. Only a yard each of two jerseys for two Jenna cardis. One in white (to replace that cardi above) and the other in a light minty blue.

Conclusions at the halfway point are that I am glad to have finished a few things, done some repairs to things so I can wear them again, and finished one dress done as per my goal. I’ve been working away on my wedding dress, too, and am almost done! I wear my M7100 bomber jackets everyday. So glad I made those as they are very useful for this up and down Spring we are having. I need more tops and more cardis and should start to learn how to make blazers, because I love wearing them and definitely can’t get a correctly fitted RTW one. I find I love layers and a me-made piece of jewelry. Although, I wear tons of scarves so my necklaces don’t always get showcased.

I’m really pleased with how this is going. I didn’t find a huge amount of gaps in my wardrobe. I think a couple more tops and cardis will do and then I can focus on blazers.

I do have a dream to make a plaid Clueless-inspired outfit for the fall.

I think after the wedding I will be doing that and maybe trying out making some shorts! I don’t usually wear pants or shorts, but it might be neat to test my fitting skills in that way. I’m not going to jump on the Ginger jeans bandwagon yet (I am outside the size range). I have a couple of jeans/shorts patterns in my stash to try out first and then we’ll see what is next!

It’s been fun documenting this fully for the first time this year. What have you learned so far during your me-made may?





Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.47.13

Originally, I was just going to sneak my pledge into a post about things I’ve sewn, but then I’ve been sewing so much that I haven’t taken any pictures just yet and sure I plan on taking them this week, but then I figure why hide the pledge?

‘I, Andie L., sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear one made by me garment each day for the duration of May 2015’

I also want to sew two dresses during May and another bra. I’ll also be working on my lingerie for the wedding. Here is a crappy sketch of my plan for that:


So, that means by the end of the month I should have: two dresses, two bras, camisole, knickers, and tap pants. Whew. Let’s see if that happens!

I felt like that was click bait: this women pledges to wear me-made garments and sew all the things and you won’t believe what happens next!!


Spoiler alert: I die of exhaustion! Yeay! Hahahaha.

Promise I won’t overdo things. 😛 But I do seem to have a knack for wanting to sew all the things and attempting to do it and then realizing I am not Wonder Woman, don’t I?

I won’t be doing weekly round-ups for MMM’15, but I will be doing a round-up post on June 1 and possible posting a few highlights on Instagram. I don’t want to drown you in posts on MMM’15, if that isn’t your thing.

I’m interested to show you how I wear my garments on a daily basis. It’s pretty similar to how I wore them in my blog photos minus the jewelry. I’m too lazy in the morning to think of jewelry. I barely deal with my hair… #shorthairdontcare

Will you be doing anything for MMM’15? Or will you be participating in the drinking game? Or both?