Me Made May Round Up 2019

This year for Me Made May, I didn’t pledge publicly before like I usually do. Part of that was due to surgery recovery and not being on top of things before or even 100% sure I would do any documentation or keep up my pledge. But I knew I would do sketches at least. My Body Model started the #sketchmystyle challenge for May. I did come up with the following challenge for myself:

  • Wear “me mades”
  • Sketch “me mades”
  • Try not to repeat
  • Follow themes: Dresses, skirts, comfy, rainbow

And if I didn’t achieve it or achieved it in part, that’s okay since surgery recovery hasn’t been as smooth as I had hoped.

I made 31 sketches of 31 outfits. I got 29 pictures of said outfits. Except for 2 outfits, they were all according to the themes for each week. I didn’t care to document how many “me mades” I wore but just that I wore them. I usually have three or more pieces on, because 98% of my underwear is made by me and then I wear leggings underneath everything until I switch to short leggings in the summer.


From May 1 to 10, with the exception of 2 days, I wore dresses.

I wore Belmont leggings most days but didn’t always draw them in. Starting on the first line left to right: Turner dress, McCall’s 7624, Verity dress, Moneta dress; second line left to right: Simplicity 1549, Myrtle dress, Burda wrap tunic, and McCall’s 6887 with Jenna cardi.

Two days during this period didn’t get documented but did get sketched:

On the left, Prefontaine shorts and a RTW shirt; on the right, Concord tank top and Belmont leggings.

I was not feeling well so I took a day of rest.



From May 11 to 17, I wore skirts. Starting on the first line left to right: Concord tshirt with Pavlova skirt, Swoon scarf neck cardi with self-drafted skirt and crop top using Simplicity 8096, modified Cedar dolman with Pavlova skirt. Second line left to right: Upton skirt with Brit top, Burda cowl neck with self-drafted skirt, Concord tshirt with self-drafted skirt, Concord tshirt with Pavlova skirt.

This is definitely my preferred style. I find skirts and tops to be the most comfortable for me. I love dresses, but skirts just feel more comfortable outside of say… the next bunch of looks….



First line left to right: modified Cedar dolman and modified Forsythe trousers, Gabriela onesie, Concord tank top with Barton shorts. Second line left to right: modified Concord tshirt and Belmont leggings, Concord tank top and Forsythe trousers, Ophelia overalls with a Bronte top, modified Concord tshirt with Belmont leggings.

These looks are all for around the house, sewing, going to doctor’s appointments. All worn May 18 to 24.


The final set is according to the colour of the rainbow. There is one repeat here due to not having much in yellow.


Starting on the top line left to right: modified Concord tshirt and Belmont leggings, Cate’s Cousin top with Willow robe and Belmont leggings, modified Cedar dolman and Belmont leggings. Second line left to right: Upton dress with Swoon scarf neck cardigan and Belmont leggings, modified Springfield top with rtw rub-off leggings, Rivermont dress with Belmont leggings.

I paired each look with white, black or grey and for the most part went with solid colours. The Rivermont dress ended out the month with my favourite dress. I need to make more of those dresses asap.

It was such a fun month. Granted, the sketching and documenting took most of my attention. I did sew a bit this past month but overall didn’t have the energy to take pictures for blogging. That’s okay. I did tons while recovering from my surgery.

Me Made May

I loved sketching each of my outfits throughout the month. I also loved learning how to do digital sketches. I definitely need a better program for sketching, but I can see the improvement throughout the month. There weren’t very many revelations about my outfits this month. Just that I want to make more tops and overalls. I do need more bras, but that is always true. I can’t make enough of those. Also, underwear. But nothing is urgent. I have a great handmade wardrobe and really love how colourful and happy it makes me.

Health Update

I’ve sort of been skirting around (haha punny) the topic during this post, but I figure a health update is in order. I had my surgery on April 16th correcting my deviated septum and scraping out my sinuses. I got the stents (plastic bits that keep your sinsuses open) removed on April 23rd. I experienced a lot of pain with the stents so the removal was a relief, but after that the inflammation made it almost impossible to breathe through my sinuses and that is where I am at. My doctor gave me steroid nasal spray to help with that but I haven’t seen an improvement and I had a thrush reaction to the steroids. So that’s fun. I’ve also for the first time in my life been having Spring allergies. I hope it’s just an anomaly due to being sensitive after the surgery and not a permanent occurrence. I usually get allergies after the snow goes away before things start growing because of the levels of dust and mold in the air, but not with pollen. Thankfully it stopped feeling so terrible to sneeze. For about a month, it felt like I was tearing my nose off with a sneeze.

I’ve been pretty low in energy until recently (probably the past week). I’ve been really grateful for not working during this time because I definitely needed more time. Since my sinuses have been so congested, it’s been difficult to sleep. I have gotten sleep back more recently. Increasing my energy.

The other huge thing that happened is due to an appropriate amount of rest and meds plus cannabis, I actually reached zero on the pain scale a few times in the past couple of weeks making my rest more restful and restorative than it has been in a really really long time. All of this makes me realize how much working a full time job was hurting me. I was pushing far beyond my spoons and burning out fast. No wonder I had so little energy for anything else.

Of course, that makes me worried about finding a job in the future. Money will become a factor sending me back at some point but I hope I can figure out a means to work from home on my own schedule.

In other news, more hereditary factors kicked in. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, which runs in my family, so I always knew it was a major risk factor. I have minor diet improvements to make, but overall my levels aren’t too bad. I’m just in the range so with meds and diet improvements, I could be normal within the next 6 months. Having another health thing to worry over, though, sucks a lot. My diet is already pretty restricted due to allergies and intolerances that having another factor to think about is a lot more labour.

A chronic illness is a full time job and a half. This is what I have confirmed in the past 2 and a half months of being unemployed. There is little escape or relief from it. To get to a zero on the pain scale, I really can’t do anything for the period of time my meds/cannabis are helping me there. I can only focus on recovery.

I wish people were more understanding of how much labour and time chronic illness maintenance takes.


Party Time. Excellent. *air guitar motions*

December is Party time at the CSC! It’s a fun themed month all about celebrating. And the theme is pretty open so you don’t just need to sew up a fancy party dress or suit. You could sew a bathing suit for a pool party or pjs for a pj party.

I thought I would share my plans for the theme.

I plan on making fancy pjs!

Back in the early summer I got flannel back satin in a mint colour.

My plan since has been to make a fancy robe using a Burda kimono pattern:

My plan is to also trim it with this pink satin that I got:

The pink satin has stretch and is going to be used as the main fabric for a Burda nightgown:

The lace trim is going to be this mint stretch trim to match with the robe:

The whole project will be shared on the CSC when it is done. Luckily, I have a swanky new photography set to keep me inside for pictures. 🙂

What are you planning for #CSCPartyTime?

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

For the final challenge for Indie Pattern Month at the Monthly Stitch, I shared 8 garments that I made in July! The challenge was called Indie Royalty and involved making 2 or more garments. I guess I am just an over-achiever. Originally, I planned to make two for the other challenges but I never got them finished in time. Summer tends to be a busy time and the end of the competitions just never fell on a date that worked for me. I had friends and family visiting and all sorts of plans that got in the way of sewing. The challenge was due on July 31st instead of the Friday. That meant I got all the things I had planned done. I made the following:

  1. Blank Slate Barton Shorts in a floral linen rayon blend with cotton lace trim. I’ll write a separate blog post on this later since it is my first time using the pattern.
  2. Cashmerette Concord t-shirt in Hello Kitty print cotton lycra. I made my usual a 22G/H graded to a 24 at the waist. It’s seriously my favourite shirt to date. I want to wear it all the time.
  3. Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan in a lightweight rib knit with white and green stripes. More on this in a different blog post later.
  4. Blank Slate Oceanside shorts in green rayon linen blend. I made a 3XL again. I compared the pieces to the final pattern version since I made the tester version before and decided to go with the tester version again. It looks like I would need to do a few adjustments to the final version of the pattern for fit so I decided to continue using the tester.
  5. Cashmerette Dartmouth top in pink monkey bamboo jersey. I made a 22G/H graded to 24 at the waist. I had to shorten the length by about 3 inches. It might have been because the fabric is really drapey and heavy. I love it. It fits perfectly.
  6. Decades of Style Three’s a Charm Jacket in black jersey. I’ve made the jacket before and really liked it. The pattern is made for wovens but I really wanted to try it in a knit. I love the style. It ends up as a boxy jersey jacket.
  7. Cashmerette Upton skirt hack. I made a 24. I had to shorten the length to fit it on my fabric. It’s made with green cotton fabric. I gathered the skirt instead of pleated and extended the waistband by 2 inches to get an overlapping back for my closure. I think next time I will shorten the front waistband by an inch and half since it ended up a bit too long.
  8. Cashmerette Webster dress in a soft pink and white patterned cotton. More on this in a later post.

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe


An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

I love how I accidentally made a nicely matching capsule wardrobe. I bought most of the fabric at the thrift store and it just happened to go together really well. I got the Pink Monkey print locally, the linen rayon fabrics were from fabricville and the cotton lycra Kello Kitty print was from a Christmas gift exchange at a Sewcialist meet up here in Toronto.

These two collages don’t even show every combination for the capsule wardrobe:

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

An Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

I’ll be sharing more information on each garment in the next couple of weeks and probably another Swoon cardigan since I just got some super cheap sheer white fabric from Fabricland for another version. Stay tuned!

Things have been pretty quiet here…

I sewed a couple more Star Trek shirts, but for the most part haven’t been doing much. My kitty was sick for the past month sadly. I want to take a moment to talk about her, because while this is a sewing blog, it’s also my personal blog and I want to commemorate her. I will warn you there is talk about depression and suicide in this entry.


In 2000, I was living with my sister and my nephew in my first year of university. The year had just ended and our neighbor’s mom came by with a litter of the most adorable kittens. All different colours and really different from their mom. They all had a mix of white and another colour and long fluffy fur. I held each one. But one little grey and white fluffy ball wasn’t happy with being put down again and crawled up my leg and fell asleep to me petting her. I was in love. I was so lucky that my sister let me take her in. I think Sarah understood how much I needed her.

My first two years of university were the hardest time of my life. I started off the year in residence on campus. I was emotionally unstable, depressed, and suicidal. In November, I attempted suicide and was kicked out of residence. I am so thankful to Sarah for taking me in without question.

My second year of university was a mix of things. I was in group therapy, individual therapy, still continuing my classes, and living with a roommate that grew to hate me over the year. We were incompatible and by the end of the year I left in the middle of the night when she became threatening. We were both going through tough stuff that year and I’ve let go of my bitter feelings and realized my part in the situation. It’s easier to forgive than to hold on to anger.

At some point during the year after getting Trinity, I decided to fight to live. There’s something amazing about having a little soul rely on you completely that can change your perspective on life. I consider Trinity the catalyst for my survival, but I know it was my strength that helped me want to live. I moved in with my parents for my third year of university and did a lot of cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets to help change my thoughts about myself. I used to have Hilroy spiral notebooks filled with my thoughts written out to help me when I wanted to hurt myself. I would write the negative thought and then on the opposite page rewrite it for positive thinking. At first, it was hard and then it got easier and eventually I didn’t need the notebooks and I did it automatically in my head. These days the positive thoughts come first 90% of the time and when they don’t I can catch the negative thoughts and deal with them. I haven’t hurt myself in 14 years and I haven’t had suicidal thoughts in around 13. I’ve grown to love myself.

Trinity was my comfort the entire time. She was always attached at the hip to me. She’d come running and great me at the door when I came home. Stayed close to me wherever I was in thw house. When I was sick, she was under my covers cuddling me and purring me to help heal me.

She was also impossible as cats can be…as humans are. She destroyed a bunch of couches and chairs.


But of course, she left her scratch pad untouched:


She wasn’t the smartest cat and certainly didn’t treat everyone like she did me. We moved around a lot in Canada: Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland. The move back to Ontario when she was 9 was the toughest one on her and she was pretty jealous of my husband for taking the attention from her. She was a dirtbag, but she would still cuddle me and purr and follow me around.

I loved her unconditionally and completely and could never thank her enough for being my first excuse to live. I had convinced myself my family was better off without me but Trinity wouldn’t be. She needed me. She was there during my entire adult life.

She died in my arms last night in our home aided by a wonderful mobile vet. It’s difficult to let go and say goodbye. She isn’t suffering anymore.

Pet loss is a tough thing. It’s difficult and painful. I will be seeing her in the corner of my eye for years to come and hearing her little bell. It will be tough for a while.

Thank you, Trinity. I love you.



I’m still going to write a post when we get more photos, but my lovely husband wrote a lovely page about the wedding day and included some of the pictures from the day. Check it out here: Our Wedding Day

Also, my blog header changed for my new name!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Wells





Stay tuned for more after our mini-honeymoon!

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Shameless Self-promotion

I entered my GoldMoneta into the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month: Dresses June 1-7 competition.

Now comes the shameless self-promotion.

PLEAASE PLEAAASE Vote for me? Pretty please?


I am “Indie Pattern Month – Andie L in GoldMoneta.”

It’s 50% vote and 50% jury decision. 🙂

Winners get all sorts of indie patterns, which means more in my pattern stash and more blogging about it all.

Even if you don’t vote for me, check out the page. There are tons of other great makes and you can check out all sorts of bloggers you haven’t come across before. The Monthly Stitch is awesome. It makes me happy to be a part of such a great and supportive community.