August Dress

After a huge amount of work on my dissertation last week, I started sewing this dress on Friday after massive stress-induced migraines and sleeping half of Friday in a drugged-up state. I had migraines the rest of the weekend, as well. It was not fun and I demand a do-over weekend. Edit: This is McCall’s … More August Dress


I mentioned this before and I will mention this again: I am a Star Trek nerd. Along with my wonderful partner in life, the Dandies┬áproduce a monthly Star Trek-inspired comedy variety show here in Toronto. It’s called Holodeck Follies. I started making tribbles for it and have about 38. I haggled for amazing prices on … More Tribbles

July dress

I would have posted this sooner, but I’ve been on vacation this week. I finished this on August 1st, but it’s a July dress. Death to the evil dress! It’s done and I am done with it. Problem after problem with the pattern and the fit. It just wasn’t an easy dress to create. I’m … More July dress