Handmade Christmas

First off, happy new year to everyone! I have some catch up to do, because I was mostly sewing and not thinking about much else and not reading many other blogs, either, so it seems I have quite a lot of catching up to do everywhere. I’ve been off work since the 19th and sewing like crazy. I love sewing vacations!

Now that is it well past Christmas, I can talk about the gifts I made this year. It was my goal to mostly make my gifts. I am hoping next year I will do more of that. I found it to be more economical for me and far more meaningful.

Here is what I made:

1. For my lovely friend, Selena, who owns the Sleepy Owl Co and creates amazing custom handmade party decorations, I made a card and a bird ornament:

wpid-wp-1420094263140.jpeg wpid-wp-1420094236198.jpeg

2, 3, & 4. For my nieces and nephew, I made pajama pants:

wpid-wp-1420094298864.jpeg wpid-wp-1420094281970.jpeg

I made a total of four pj pants for this (but I won’t count one of them in the gift list). The grey and blue argyle flannel was delayed in the mail and in a flurry I decided to make them out of blue fleece in my stash. But then I delayed sending the presents and the argyle flannel arrived and I made the final pair of pants and sent the package of presents to them. The package still got to them in time, along with some tasty chocolate. The blue fleece pj pants, though, ended up being big enough for me. Score!

5 & 6. My stepkids also got pj pants:


After six pairs of pj pants, I am now a pj pant expert.

I used the free Simplicity pj pant pattern. It’s an easy pattern to create. All the fabric, minus the Toronto Maple Leafs and the blue fleece came from Joann fabrics during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Even after the shipping prices, it was a very good deal. The Toronto Maple Leafs flannel was picked up locally and was ridiculously over-priced, imho. Licensed fabric here is ridiculous! And every time I look at flannel the prices scare me. Why is it so expensive? It’s for pj pants and quilts! Rant done. The blue fleece was acquired at the thrift store for $5 and I am glad that I go pj pants out of all that sewing. I also have two more prints cut out for myself and ready to go. I love lounging around the house in pj pants. Comfy, womfy.

All of the flannel pants got french seams. The fleece ones were just zigzag stiched and left with raw edges.

7. A sweater for my fiance:


Horrible low quality image. Sorry about that. But I knit this with Lion Brand Wool-Ease using their free pattern for a raglan sleeve sweater.

That is all the gifts I made this year. I was hoping to make more, but the reality is that I should have started on them earlier than Dec. 10. I did a ton, though. 🙂

I made my usual rum balls this year, but refrained from all the usual Christmas baking I do. I think I might still make mincemeat tarts because my mom left me all sorts of jars of her delicious mincemeat and I should probably do the task of eating that. It’s such a difficult life…. (mmmm, mincemeat tarts).

If you didn’t notice, I make huge rum balls at the request of my fiance and they are rummmmmmm laden. Not for kids.

wpid-wp-1420094144670.jpeg wpid-wp-1420094121922.jpeg

I hope that you had a lovely Holiday and a wonderful New Year.

I have lots more to share with you in the next few days, including my new handmade coat and more!


Here’s to 2015!


UFOs, Costume, and Cat Lady stuff


Remember this UFO? Well, it’s a UFO no more!

P1020248 P1020249

The colours in the skirt are closer to the first pic. Low light and my camera settings seems to have coloured everything a little blue. But wait, Andie, the top one was a dress and this is a skirt, what genius is this?

I can’t take credit for the idea. It’s from Erin at Miss Crayola Creepy. Erin started off with a dress and then decided to chop it into a skirt. You can read more about it by clicking through to her blog.

This started as McCall’s 6504, but didn’t work out. I graded the pattern up, but there was already so much ease in the pattern that it ended up being very large. Then I tried to fix that, but nothing was working out. Too many pattern pieces meant one side would work and then the other would go wonky and fix the one and then the other one goes wonky. I started the dress in May and finished it in August after Erin’s post. Took me one night to chop it into a skirt and add a zip. Would have taken less time if it weren’t for having to sew the waistband twice. I find waistbands really troublesome to sew especially with so many layers of fabric and different types of fabric. The sewing is still not entirely straight, but I am done fiddling with it. I love the skirt. It’s ultimately another circle skirt and very similar to the Pavlova, but there is a lapped zip on the side with two hooks in the waistband to keep it closed. It’s really wrinkled in these pics after a day at work.

Action shots. Circle skirts are for twirling! You can see the shorts I wear under all my dresses. Scandalous!

The other item I am going to share with you is still considered a UFO:



It’s a Parisian Top hacked into a cardigan. I got the idea from A Lemon Squeezy Home’s Project Sewn Leading Lady Challenge. I know it looks lovely and complete in that photo, but I finished it shortly after my last entry in August and haven’t worn it since and didn’t want to blog about it. I don’t like how it looks on me. Hence, the pic of it on my living room carpet. I’m determined to make it wearable. First off, it needs to be shorter. All of my dresses and skirts are high-waisted and this hits me on my hips. Second, the buttons gape. I can’t make a new button band, but I can add more buttons. Other than that, it’s okay. The neckline doesn’t quite work with any of my tops or dresses, but I will figure something out for that. It’s completely made of remnants from my stash. So yeay for that!

I would make it again with the alterations mentioned and a better fabric. A ponte knit would work really well on this.

I haven’t sewed a lot lately other than that. I did an upcycle for a friend for a costume and it was featured in the Mary Sue for uncommon Fan Expo costumes as #18:

Princess Kenny

The white underdress was upcycled from two nightgowns and the purple vest from a robe. The three fabrics are all manner of material: poly blend, silk, and satin. All incredible frustrating to deal with, but looked good in the end. The white poly blend ran and I had to patch a part of it. Made me almost tear out my own hair! I made the shoulder pads with the same yellow silk from the bottom of the white dress, felts for stuffing, and foam core board. I put it together with hot glue and then attached them with velcro so that the top could be washed.

It was my first paid gig!

In other news, some funny pics of my cat in a cone to stop her from scratching:


Speaking of cats, have you checked out Miss Crayola Creepy’s October Cat Lady Sewing Challenge?

Oh yes, I will be taking part!

I am basically a crazy cat lady, but I am just crazy for my crazy cat. Isn’t that crazy?


Phew, long post. This is what happens when I procrastinate on taking pictures and blogging. Ooops!


I’m using the glasses on my necklace as real glasses. Crazy!

Geek Craft Sunday – Promenade Preview for July

Check out some more geeky crafts I’ve been making. 🙂

The Dandies

Our promenade kicked off on our show on Wednesday and it was a great start with lots of interest in the artists’ works. My plan was to include merch on the table, but due to glue issues and lack of time I didn’t get a chance to put anything Andie-made on the table. Although, we did a guess the number of tribbles game with the portable tribble containment unit and lucky Devon from Copy Red Leader made the guess of 24! Can you believe those 2 tribbles reproduced into 24 tribbles in this thing?


Devon won 4 tribbles, which likely means that by now he has 628. Sorry Devin.

Other than having my tribbles for sale at the Promenade, I will also be selling some Star Trek-inspired jewelry that is based on our comm badge design.

Check it out:

They are made of polymer clay and nickle-free metal jewelry findings…

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Geek Craft Sunday – Portable Tribble Containment Unit

Tribble containment unit to keep those tribbles from reproducing

The Dandies

Foam core board is a great thing for creating props and you can buy it at the dollar store.

So I said to myself: “Self, what can I make with this?”
And my self answered: “I could make a portable tribble containment unit, but I need some flexible plexiglass.”
So I said to myself: “Good thinking! You brilliant half-Q.”

And then I stopped talking to myself in the dollar store and bought the foam core boards.

wpid-20140525_145836.jpg Be Prepared!

I bought some flexible plexiglass and assembled my materials.
Then I took a nap. Naps are really important in crafting. Take lots.

When I woke up, I started making the portable tribble containment unit.

And there you have it: flexible plexiglass, packing tape, foam core board, duct tape, and electric tape. Portable tribble containment unit with removable lid: geek craft level 10.

Of course, I had to test it out. I put…

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Geek Craft Sunday – Combadges

The Dandies

No Star Trek show would be complete without communicator badges? (that’s right, I basically said the Original Series is incomplete. 😛 TNG FOR-EVAH!)

While we may not appear on stage in full costume, we do have communicator badges.


I made the communicator badges out of polymer clay, which makes them really easy to make, but also somewhat fragile. Being the crazy crew of the Albatross, we have had some mishaps with the badges and I’ve had to make some extras as back up. Ensign Guy broke his while dying one time. Captain Field and I broke ours while killing Ensign Guy…ahem…I mean coming to his aid all too late. I’ve had to switch up the adhesive that holds them together to make them more durable. I started off using hot glue and now use contact cement, which is much better at holding them together.

Of course, I fully expect to…

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A Very Dandy Proposal and Star Trek filled months

It’s been a while since I posted and I haven’t been doing much sewing. October – December flew by in a crazy whirling ride.

My sewing project in October was my Halloween costume. I sewed these three pieces. The main dress is from satin, the vest made with leather, and the skirt made with velvet and a satin ribbon.

 Then I made a little hat headband with polymer clay clockwork pieces in it and duplicated that with a clockwork piece for my face and a Star Trek clockwork badge.

 Who am I? Seven of Nine O’Clock! Clockwork Star Trek cosplay. I love being nerdy.

Here’s a close-up of the face and hat. 🙂 My only regret is not having enough time to make an arm piece, but that would have required a lot more than polymer clay.

I wore this to our annual Movember fundraiser show Close Shave. You can see more pictures of the event here.

Dale proposed to me that night! I was utterly speechless, which doesn’t happen often.

He actually gave me two rings (note the Star Trek nails). Our anniversary was on October 31st and he gave me the claddagh without saying anything. The very next night when he got down on one knee I was completely surprised and confused. I love my ring, though. The stone is tourmaline and there are two diamonds flanking it. The setting is gorgeous. You can watch the proposal here.

Needless to say after that, I didn’t get much posted here and I didn’t sew much for the next month.

I celebrated my 33rd birthday in November with a Disney Princess party, because I figure if you can’t be silly at 33, what is the point? Here are some pictures of my me-made decorating and food at my party:

 Tissue paper pom-poms, 33 all over the wall.

 Veggies and dips (not pictured), thai meatballs in the crockpot, raspberry and lime jello shots.

 It’s soooooo sparkly!!!!!

 Coconut macaroons and mini cherry and blueberry cheesecakes.


I sadly didn’t have time to make myself a Disney Princess costume, but I wore a cute Modcloth dress instead.

Our roommate moved out at the beginning of October and we moved into the Master bedroom, which means that we turned our room into a man cave/craft room. My mind was pretty focused on fixing up both rooms in November. Not much got done in the way of sewing. I still need a light in my craft area, but the whole place is getting there. I will pick up a shop light soon. It’s a basement room and lacks proper lighting for doing any crafting.

I didn’t sew until my Christmas present to Dale:

 It’s a Geordi LaBodyPillow! 🙂 He’s pretty cute, even though I messed up the insignia by reversing the colours. Oh well. I made it in two hours on Christmas Eve in a fury before Dale arrived home.

Our holidays were rather Star Trek-filled after that:

 Gingerbread cookies someone at a local geeky event made.

One of my Christmas presents from Dale so that I can make more and more Star Trek crafts. 🙂 Dale also bought us matching Star Trek robes, Star Trek ice cube tray, and a Spock Oven mitt for me!

Of course there were other fandoms included in our wonderful geeky Christmas. Doctor Who, Monty Python, Harry Potter. Not pictured above, Dale also got me Doctor Who Monopoly. 🙂 I was spoiled rotten, which is odd, because I was not a good girl.

Here’s photographic evidence of me being a jerk to my cat:

In spite of her expression, Trinity was surprisingly docile for all events. She turns 14 this April. It might be in her old age that she is getting more tolerant of my exploits.

I’ve got a current project on the go – an owl pillow for a friend – but that’s been put on hold while I recover from a minor surgery and until I get a light for my craft area. I’ll post the project soon. 🙂