Paris, Cake, A UFO, and Andreas

Oh my, where has the time gone? I’ve been sewing a lot, but with no time to take pictures (ahem…make ask my boyfriend politely to take pictures). I did the old selfie thing so that I could stop feeling guilty and could post about the project I am currently working on.


20140707_181005 20140707_180929

The above is my best impression of a sophisticated women from Paris (please read Paris as Paree everytime). I’m kicking myself for not taking a close up of the fabric and these are such low-quality pictures that I can’t even properly do a close up of the fabric. The print is pink* roses with “Les Fleurs” intermixed. I picked it up at a fabric store in Toronto’s fashion district for about $4 per yard a few weeks ago. I got three yards and used about 2.25. It’s adorable and totally not something I would normally pick up. You may look at me and believe I was very into floral fabric, but I’m generally not. Lately, it’s definitely been growing on me more and more. The fabric is a cotton knit with very little stretch. Almost no stretch to be honest. I chose the Moneta again for it and am in love with it. However, I really need to alter this pattern for any future makes, because the armhole gaping is really obvious without the right amount of stretch in the fabric. From cutting to finish, this took me about 4 hours to make. The BF was pretty impressed it came together so quickly. This is why TNT patterns are so nice to work on.

I’m glad I have some of this fabric left, because I am hoping to make it into some pajama shorts for the summer.

*See? It’s pink! I do sew pink!


This is my first make from Sewing Cake patterns. It’s the Pavlova skirt, but I changed a few elements. I added a few more inches to the waistband and then added in straps for a jumper skirt look. I came in with this concept of what I wanted and wasn’t taking no for an answer. To preface the next bit, I want to say that Steph’s instructions and her pattern were totally fine. The alterations I made to the pattern plus having a few bad sewing days are what made this so difficult to make. I ripped out every seam after I sewed it more than once. Eventually, I just ripped out all the seams and then started again. I will say, though, that because I chose a high-waist skirt for this, there was far too much ease in the pattern for that, but Steph states that there is 2 inches of ease in the waist of the skirt. Keep that in mind, if you want a more fitted look for a high-waist skirt. For next time, because I am definitely making this pattern again, I am choosing a smaller sized waist.

In spite of the trouble this skirt gave me, I was determined to finish it and I am glad I did, because I adore it. The fabric was a wonderful find at Value Village and cost me $5 a few weeks ago. It’s a wonderful fabric, but I have no clue what kind it is…Cotton something or other, I think.

I originally wasn’t going to add the scalloped pocket to this skirt, but am glad I did, because I think it’s an extra bit of cuteness and uniqueness. I finished the skirt and immediately tossed it on with a Led Zeppelin shirt and headed to Stage Select Gaming Expo for an improv performance as the Dandies. I had so much fun there and even got myself Mario mushroom earrings and a Kirby necklace from a vendor, Stitch N Clay.



Look at the sky! Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Nope, it’s Andie tossing aside an unfinished object. Two months ago I started this dress. McCall’s 6504. I was really excited about it going in. I had some lovely fabric and colourblocking lined up: black, grey, purple, grey, black. It was going to be gorgeous. My first issue was grading the pattern up. No, scratch that, my first issue is that McCall’s adds so much ease into their patterns and doesn’t really specify that in the finished garment measurements. I shouldn’t have graded the pattern up at all, but just given it an FBA and left it at that. The fabric I used was scraps from other projects, except for the purple, which I picked up for very little and didn’t get enough to make a full dress. So, I wasn’t worried about using the fabric I wanted right off the bat. The first fitting of the dress was ridiculous. It was enormous, but I persevered and was certain I could fix it. I pinned like crazy and then got the top to fit better and then put the facing on only to discover there was a huge amount of excess fabric in the straps. I also decided that I hated it at that point. I hated the straps and wanted a new look. I’ve made a decision to cut off the straps and cut the bodice top to a sweetheart neckline and then add in straps like on Sewaholic’s Cambie dress. It’s still a UFO and still needs me to do that. I am definitely reluctant to touch it again. Too much heartbreak. Too many tears.

Occasionally, Dale gets to see me throw pieces of fabric about. Poor guy. I should really work on that.


I am an Andrea. Did you know that Andreas stick together? Until I was about 26, I didn’t know that. I’d never had another Andrea as a friend. Now I have tons. That might be why I was fine with Dale calling me Andie. One of my friends is a mutual friend with Dale, her name is….duh duh….Andrea. I nominated her for a Liebster award for her sewing blog (she writes about things other than sewing as well). I don’t know if you know this, but Andreas think alike. They talk alike. Heck, they even walk alike. Andrea was planning on nominating me for a Liebster award. So, she went ahead with it anyway. And I encouraged her. Andreas are very encouraging with other Andreas.

I will answer her questions and refrain from adding in more nominations, though, because figuring out who to nominate was tough work!

1. Why do you blog?

I blog because I love writing and I also need motivation to sew. With a blog, I am forced to keep going. I also love the feedback aspects of having a blog. I love hearing from other people about their thoughts on sewing and other things.

2. How did you get into whatever it is you blog about?

I started sewing as a way of affording costumes for Halloween and burlesque. Now I sew because plus-size clothing is so expensive. My next venture is to sew garments for my boyfriend, because holy crap men’s clothes are expensive. I will also be taking a bra-making class in the fall at Hamilton Bra-maker’s supply, because bras are my most expensive piece of clothing (over $100 a pop to make my girls pop!). Sewing was an economic choice to begin with and still is, but overall I just love sewing. I didn’t really expect to love it this much, but I find it relaxing (unless things are just going horrible) and educational (even when things go horrible).

3. Which post you’ve written is your favourite so far?

I would have to say my Gold Moneta. I adore that dress and had a lot of fun writing the entry and including a silly bad drawing of a kitty cat club in it.

4. Favourite book/movie/TV show/webcomic/song (pick one, some, or all)?

Favourite book is and always will be Jane Eyre. I read it first when I was 14ish and have read it about 20 times since. I used to read it every year and sometimes twice a year. I did English lit in my undergrad and Masters and read it several times for that, as well as teaching it. My favourite book series is Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller series. Check it out. I love them so much. Kvothe is the ultimate protagonist.

Favourite movie is tough. Among my favourites are Up, which I love watching with Dale, because we are basically Ellie and Carl. Some other fav animated features: Finding Nemo, The Croods, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Inception, another I love watching with Dale. Funny Girl, which I haven’t seen in years, but jumps to mind right now and makes me want to watch it immediately. Charade, My Fair Lady, Funny Girl, Roman Holiday….and basically any Audrey Hepburn movie. Although, surprisingly Breakfast at Tiffany’s doesn’t hit my favs of hers. I still love it, though. Hitchcock’s Marnie, The Birds, and Rear View Window. A classic Robert Redford and Jane Fonda pic called Barefoot in the Park. Apparently, I love 50s/60s movies…. Huh…. I generally count a movie as one of my favourites based on the ability to rewatch it. Serenity would also be counted here and First Contact and Stargate and Aliens….and a lot of sci fi.

Favourite tv shows are a little bit obvious to my readers. I love Star Trek TNG (surprise!) and am watching Voyager for the first time and it’s definitely becoming a fav. Doctor Who is an old-time love from Tom Baker (my first doctor!) days. I was a big Buffy fan back in the day, but haven’t watched it in years. Orphan Black is a new fav. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress. I have started watching the new Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Moon was a fav from the 90s for me. The new show is so good and based off the Manga series and the original art. It’s so much prettier. ❤

Webcomics: Debs and Errol (Made funnier because I know them), Rock, Paper, Cynic, and I am Arg.

Song…. Oh man, I used to be such a music geek, but I’ve definitely been falling out of that for years now along with reading. Anything Led Zeppelin.

5. Pet peeve?

I feel like lately my fuse is really short with people who are completely oblivious that other people exist. People who stand in front of the streetcar/subway doors when it isn’t their stop and don’t move to let people off/in. People who walk in couples and don’t leave room for people walking toward them. People who are oblivious that people are walking behind them and don’t hold doors open for them so they don’t slam in their face….

Basically, these are big city problems. Luckily, I walk to work and don’t have to worry about most of the commuter troubles!

On the other hand, maybe my pet peeve is guys who catcall me as I walk. I swear if I get one more “Smile, honey” or “Nice tits” or “Helllooooo gorgeous lady” or “What curves!” I will clock them right in the face. I generally don’t respond to them and then get the wonderful “God, you’re such a bitch” or “The right response is thank you, honey!” Right….. because I want to thank you for sexualizing me and harassing me on the street or telling me how I should act for you.

Apparently, I have more pet peeves than I thought….


Whew, long post. Lots to say. Hope you made it to the end. If not, here’s a summary:

I made stuff. I like my friend Andrea. I like lots of geeky things. I hate catcallers and inconsiderate people.


Liebster Award Nomination

First off, thank you to everyone who voted for my GoldMoneta! I won the dresses competition along with three other lovely ladies.  Lekala patterns here I come. 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. You are gorgeous and lovely and amazing and awesome and wonderful!


The lovely Elaine at What Diane Did Next nominated me for a Liebster Award for new or smaller blogs to help get them noticed. Elaine nominated me based on my GoldMoneta and I am super flattered. 🙂 Elaine gave me some fun questions to answer.

1. Why do you sew/make stuff?

I started sewing because I am plus-sized and have a difficult time finding fun RTW Halloween costumes. I’d just started taking Burlesque dance classes and had my first performance as a Halloween dance. I shopped online and wasn’t impressed. Got a bad corset (I knew nothing about good quality corsets at the time) and then decided to put together the rest of my costume by sewing it. I bought a little pink Kenmore mini-ultra sewing machine as my first and taught myself how to sew in 2008.


I was a combo of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. In true burly style, I was Little Red Riding the Wolf. Hahaha. So bad.

I made the little red cape, ears, gloves, skirt, and underoos with a wolf tail. It is pretty cute stuff. I was hooked at that point and went on to make other costumes and garments. I didn’t stay in Burlesque. I do improv comedy with my fiance now and for the past few years. 🙂
2. Do you have a favourite pattern – and what is it?

Colette’s Moneta is fast becoming my favourite pattern because it is so easy to put together in very little time. However, I love McCall’s M6503:

wpid-20140507_071802.jpg 20130911_164049

I’ve made it twice now and it’s very flattering to my figure.

It is also the first pattern that I did a full bust adjustment to and was super pleased with the result!
3. Whose wardrobe would you love to raid?

The lovely Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

Her style is amazing. She wears such gorgeousvintage-style dresses. Her lingerie is off the hook. I wish I could afford half of what she has!
4. What do you like to listen to/watch while you’re making stuff?

I don’t have a specific thing that I watch while sewing. I prefer to watch comedic things while sewing. I tend to cry easily in dramatic movies, which makes it tough to sew. Although, some episodes of Modern Family get me going…

I did watch Pretty in Pink while making my Colourblocked Moneta. 🙂

As for listening preferences, anything. I tend to put my music library on repeat. Of course, this means that every once in a while a Star Trek sound for my show pops up and I hear things like “Intruder alert” or “Self destruct sequence activated.” It makes me giggle. Although, when you are listening to a super quiet song and then explosions take over….it’s a little bit jarring.
5. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

The community. It makes me happy to post something I’ve sewn and get feedback on it. I get it from friends, but the sewing community is so supportive of all sizes. I love the Monthly Stitch for all the challenges they set forth and the community there is truly amazing.

I had such a difficult time coming up with nominations, because lots of people had tons of followers on bloglovin’ and I wasn’t sure of the criteria. So, I only have two nominations. I may nominate more in the future, though. My nominations for the Liebster Award are:

1. PhysicsGirl on the Loose

She claims to not be a sewing blog, but she has such awesome makes and her other posts are fab as well: pancakes, biking, and general awesomeness. I also happen to know her in person and she is pretty awesome.

2. See Kat Sew (…or try to)

I just found Kat the other day and I am in love with her makes already. Check out her Saltspring lookalike! 🙂


3. Frillz, Mistakes, and Fun!

Oh man, I literally just found this blog after I posted this originally and adore this lady already! Check out her recent make. I found her through We Sew Retro. Such an awesome site. You should check that out, too!

Here are your questions:

1. What is your favourite TNT (tried and tested) pattern?

2. If you could quit your job and sew full time, would you? Why or why not?

3. What are your favourite types of fabric?

4. Is there a fabric that scares you to try out? Why?

5. What is next on your list of garments to make?

You are under no obligation to take part or nominate others. Apparently, you are supposed to nominate 5 more, but man…. it was hard…. If you want to comment here with your answers, I’d love to hear them either way! 🙂