Cashmerette Springfield Top (and some Concords)

Earlier this week, Cashmerette released the Springfield top. I was a tester for the pattern. It came at the exact time I needed it. I was on the look out for a tank top pattern for wovens. My issue with most woven tank top patterns is that they don’t go up to my size. The […]

Me Made May Round Up 2019

This year for Me Made May, I didn’t pledge publicly before like I usually do. Part of that was due to surgery recovery and not being on top of things before or even 100% sure I would do any documentation or keep up my pledge. But I knew I would do sketches at least. My […]

McCall’s 7094 and an evolving wardrobe

Back when I hacked my Cashmerette Springfield top into a pussybow, I kind of felt like my wardrobe was making some pretty substantial shifts in a new but not completely different direction. I’ve always leaned toward vintage-inspired looks and the way my wardrobe is going is not much different, but maybe a bit more “grown […]

Pattern Hacking Smorgasbord

First off, thank you for the wonderful comments and messages on all my social media formats on my last post. Your support means so much to me and helps life me up on bad days. I cannot thank you enough for both reading my posts on chronic illness and responding to them. Even a “like” […]

Me Made May 2017 Round up, Summary, and Plans

Well, another Me Made May is done. Other than not loving the term “me made” (but embracing the fact that it is out there and accepted terminology by most of the sewing blog community), I really enjoy the concept of it. This is the second time I have fully documented my outfits throughout the month. […]

Completed Projects

2018 Simplicity 8344 Bodysuit: floral liverpool knit – Completed August 2018 Self-drafted Bra: duoplex, powernet, lace, etc – Completed August 2018 Forsythe Trousers and a Cashmerette Concord Vest: grey jersey bedsheet and brown sweaterknit – Completed July 2018 Cashmerette Harrison shirt: poly cotton floral print – Completed July 2018 Cashmerette Ipswich Swimsuit: nylon spandex, powernet, […]