Velvet Gothic Dress: Halla Patterns dress

Another dress that I made a while ago is this velvet dress from Halla Patterns. I don’t like the name of the pattern. A kimono is a specific cultural garment from Japan and, while this dress may have a kimono sleeve and be inspired by kimonos, it is not a kimono and I will not be referring to it as such. Please read this post and I encourage you to follow @little_kotos_closet on Instagram. In the past, I have maintained the name of the pattern, but going forward I will not. I realize that makes it more difficult for people to search for my post if they are looking for others that make the pattern. I’m just hoping that going forward, there won’t be this issue. The Wiksten jacket has already been renamed to the Wiksten Haori jacket.

In November, the Toronto Sewcialists met up and had a fancy dress party with a sewing session before. I wasn’t initially going to make a new item for the fancy dress party, but then I bought this gorgeous velvet fabric from a local store, Fabric by Designers, that was going out of business but managed to extend their lease again so they are back in business. I managed to grab 4 yards of this velvet fabric for a decent price along with some ponte and doubleknit in their sale. I love this fabric. It’s soft and drapes so nicely. It washes really well, too.

I had also just put the Halla dress pattern together and then got a vision in my head of a floor length dress with voluminous sleeves. The resulting dress is gorgeous, moody af, and makes me think that I should be wondering the North York moors of Yorkshire, England, singing Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. Fun fact, I’m actually first gen Canadian on my dad’s side and he was born in Yorkshire. He also immigrated to Canada on a boat in the late 50s. I haven’t ever been to Yorkshire sadly. I hope to one day, though.

I made a size 28 graded to a 30 at the waist. I changed the skirt to a longer and slightly narrower skirt. It still has a lot of volume but not quite as much as the original pattern. I left off the pockets since they interrupted the drape of the skirt.

Here I am surprised by the ghosts of Catherine and Heathcliff.

Overall, the fit of the bodice is okay. The front needs a bit more length due to my large bust. While the pattern has different cup sizes, I do still need a bit more room to get tue waistband to sit in the correct location. You can see the waistband going up a bit as a result. I think also a shorter waistband would look better. I think this ends up being close to 3 inches long finished but waistbands work better on me when they are less than 2 inches long.

To get the longer sleeve, I just extended the sleeve by about 10 inches and added elastic to the hem. I didn’t want the elastic to be super tight just give the look of gathered cuffs.

Overall, the pattern was good. Good instructions. I like how the neckline is completely faced with self-fabric and then the whole thing is constructed together so that the facing stays in place. It’s pretty smart.

I enjoyed being moody and Gothic for this photoshoot. Makes the inner 90s goth in me feel pretty fantastic.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Halla Patterns dress
  • Pros: I love this dress. The pattern went together well and the instructions were good.
  • Cons: The bust fit could be better. With HH cups, it’s difficult to get a perfect fit even with cup sizes. Next time I will lengthen the front bodice by about 2.5 inches and shorten the waistband by half.
  • Make again?: Absolutely.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars

So done with Healthcliff’s shit.

20 thoughts on “Velvet Gothic Dress: Halla Patterns dress

  1. From one 90’s inner Goth to another…

    I love it! that colour does really suit you πŸ‘Got Kate Bush earworm now you’ve referenced Wuthering Heights!

    I assume you chaps know what I mean by “earworm”… is it an international definition? (song playing in your head that won’t go away).

    If you ever visit Yorkshire let me know, it’s around 3 hours away from here! The only times I was ever in Yorkshire was in the late 90’s when I used to go away to various places to support my football (soccer) team. Beautiful place, seemed mountainous compared to Suffolk where I live (mostly flat). Moors look utterly beautiful whenever I see pictures/ TV of the place. Would have changed loads since your Dad was here but some of it would be the same.

    Hope you’re ok and things are going well, I’ve really enjoyed the last few posts but due to a period of absolute insanity I’ve been of the grid a bit (not quite over yet)

    take care, stripey, gothic hugs,

    T x

    1. Thank you so much! Yep earworm is a term here. πŸ™‚

      I would for sure let you know if I go to Yorkshire. ❀❀❀

      I hope things calm down soon. Many hugs!

  2. Andie once again you amaze me. I love the color of this dress on you and it is absolutely stunning. You look beautiful!! I enjoy your posts so much, what I love about you is that you say what you truly feel and I love a person like that. I have to say yesterday I spent about 4 hours reading your old posts and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing your AMAZING talent with us. Have a beautiful week and I look forward to your next post.

  3. Oh wow! This looks amazing. That velvet is gorgeous. Is it crushed or just multi-tonal. You would fit in perfectly in The Addams Family movies. Also, thanks for the the Instagram recommendation.

  4. God, this is so fabulous! The pictures here really capture the gorgeous multi-tonal effect of the velvet. You’d fit right in on any windswept moor or pre-Raphaelite painting!

    1. I should do a proper review of it! Thank you for the reminder. It’s literally the best machine I have had. It’s amazing. I’ll do a review post as soon as I can.

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