More Misty Jeans

I made another two pairs of StyleArc Misty Jeans!

First up is part of this month’s challenge on the Monthly Stitch.

DSC_2063 DSC_2061 DSC_2059 DSC_2057

A floral pair! It’s made with the leftover material from my floral bomber jacket. JoAnn Fabrics sent me double the amount for some reason! End of the roll, but like a lot more than a yard.

I really like this pair of jeans. Although, the material could use a little more stretch… Not for wearing after eating a big meal. I’m hoping they stretch out with wear, because they are a tad tight at the moment. I’m also hoping that my trip and all the walking we do will help? Wishful thinking! 😀

I left the back pockets off this version, because the floral was busy enough. I find I don’t use the back pockets at all. I may leave them off future versions, too.

I topstitched everything with regular black thread. I’m really starting to think I may have to save for a new machine. My machine just doesn’t want to work with thicker thread no matter what I do (tension, needle, stitch length, etc.). I think I will have to invest in a better machine. I’ll probably still keep this one around, because the quilting functions are really great and it has a long arm. I do want to get into quilting after following along with #quiltlikeaboss on Lavender Lane. Sadly, timing didn’t work out for me to get started on a quilt at all, but I plan on picking up some funky Dutch-themed fabrics for a commemorative quilt for our honeymoon while we are in the Netherlands. Quilting is in my future.

DSC_2027 DSC_2033 DSC_2031 DSC_2028

For my second version, I used a stretchier denim that my mom sent me for Christmas. It has a sort of striped pattern in it. I topstitched with yellow thread for this pair. Again, just regular thread. These are super comfortable and really nice to wear. You’ll probably see a few more pairs of Misty Jeans in the future. It’s really difficult to try a new pants pattern when this one is so comfortable and fits me pretty well. I have the Jennifer city shorts, though, and summer is begging for me to make a pair.

I’m done sewing for the trip since we leave in a couple of days. I didn’t quite accomplish all my plans… I did get my Pepernoot coat done (spoiler: it’s amazing!). I will post about that tomorrow. I didn’t get my three Pavlova skirts done or a new bra. I did, however, repair three bras to help give me more bras to wear while we are away. I’m kind of glad I have the skirts to sew when I get back since I will be seriously missing my machine. Having a couple of projects ready to go will be great. I am also taking my sketchbook for train rides, days at sea with the cruise, and the plane to sketch out some future projects! I have sew many ideas floating around in my head and figure some fabric shopping there will fuel that, too.

15 thoughts on “More Misty Jeans

  1. I love the floral jeans! I’m currently working on a pair of Misty shorts. I’d like to do some pairs of colored jeans or maybe some fun patterns like your floral, but I haven’t happened upon the right fabric yet. I agree, it’s hard to want to try another pattern because Misty’s are so comfortable. I can’t wait to see the coat tomorrow. You accomplished a lot!

    • Thanks, Angie! I want to try Misty shorts, too. We need all the colours and prints of Misty jeans before we can even consider moving on from the pattern. Hehhe. 😀

  2. Have a wonderful trip. 🙂 I hope we get to see a pile of photos when you’re back.

    The floral jeans are lovely. I do find the stretch denim bags out with activity; by the end of your honeymoon they’ll probably be just fine.

    (The other pair is lovely too–but the floral! (sigh))

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! There will be tons and tons of photos! Probably way too many. 😉

      I know the floral is so awesome. The other pair are super comfortable, but the floral are just so much fun! 😀

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